The Search for the Peanut Gallery, Part 3: Conglomerate

Previously on The Search for the Peanut Gallery: The Peanut Gallery, the Studio’s resident mad scientist, vanished under mysterious circumstancesIt appears he’s on the run!  After activating Epsilon Protocol, Cloud found a trace that indicates that he’s taken refuge in her closet!  Storm offers to help them look!

As the three reach the second floor, Cloud pauses.

Cloud: Just a moment. . . something doesn’t seem right. . . .

River: What’s wrong?

Cloud: This way!

River and Storm follow as Cloud heads deeper into the Closet.  Soon, they come across a smoking hole in the floor.

Cloud: . . . The floor? Really? The floor?

River: Peanut. . . .

Storm: *deadpan* He’s ruined the carpet pattern. Want me to kill him for you?

Cloud: No!

Storm: Alright, alright, I was just asking.  So what do you wanna do?

River: *sigh* Well, there’s no help for it.  We’re going to have to. . . jump.

Cloud stares down the hole.

Cloud: . . . I’ll go get the parachutes.

* * *

River: *shouting over the wind noise* SO HOW FAR DOWN DO YOU THINK THIS GOES?

Cloud: Er, guys?


Cloud: Excuse me!

River: *ignores* WAIT–IS THAT THE FLOOR?


Whoosh! The three pull open the parachutes, and gently float down for a few floors.  They land on the blue carpet of a floor some several-hundred-feet below their starting point.  As the girls unstrap themselves from the parachutes, something–something that looks eerily like a person with two heads–approaches the group.

River: Well, that was exciting.  Now, Storm, what were you saying about  stashing your equipment in Sub-Basement 47. . . ?

Storm: Oh look!  There is something in the distance!  I wonder what it could be?

River: . . . Okay, that’s a valid subject change, but acting like Cloud is not going to get you out of this. . . .

Cloud: *gasps*  Wait a minute. . . is that. . . Conscience and Evil Side?!  Th-they look kind of strange. . . .

River: What happened to you?

Conglomerate-Conscience: *mournfully* Got separated from Peanut. Apparently…this…happens if we’re alone together for too long.

Conglomerate-Evil-Side: Opposites attract, ‘n all that.

River: . . . Is it reversible?

Conglomerate shrugs eloquently.

Cloud: I see…well, want to come with us? Peanut made you guys, he should be able to put you to rights, right?

Conglomerate-Conscience: I’d love to!

Conglomerate-Evil-Side: Well, don’t have anything better to do, I s’pose…

Will Conscience and Evil-Side ever return to normal? Will Peanut escape before the girls can catch up? Find out next time, on Chibi Chronicles!


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The Terror Within (Cloud’s Closet [Part Two])

“Time is out of joint-Oh cursed spite”-Hamlet


Really though.  This is a simple construct of the Studio.  I should really be able to just get through to the lower levels of the Studio.  But this blasted closet doesn’t END.  And the holes aren’t closing up above me they way they would in the Studio.  I should have counted the number of floors since I left behind the cancerous mass of Conscience and Evil.  Oh, well.  Let’s go with… twenty?  

Peanut:  HEY YOU TWO!!  *echoes*  or… maybe not.  *talks to self* To melt through more floors, or more exploring…  *sighs*  down we go again…  *twenty more floors down*


Peanut:  A… solid floor?  *hysterically*  WHAT MAGIC IS THIS!?!? oh.  A workshop.  That would explain the reinforced floor.  Wait!  A workshop!  Which means it’s probably *excited gasp* connected to the Studio web!  YES! *grabs apparently random objects and starts tinkering*


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The Search for the Peanut Gallery, Part 2: “It’s a Manhunt”

Previously on The Search for the Peanut Gallery: The Peanut Gallery, the Studio’s resident mad scientist, vanished under mysterious circumstancesIt appears he’s on the run!  After activating Epsilon Protocol, Cloud found a trace that indicates that he’s taken refuge in her closet!

Now, after a thorough search of the first floor, it is determined that Peanut must have escaped to another floor before lockdown was activated.  Surrounded by teddy bears, River slumps to the floor.

River: Well, this sucks.

Cloud: Don’t worry!  We’ll find him eventually.

River: Yeah, that eventually is the problem. . . .  Where’s the stairs?

Cloud: Back this way!

As she heads to the door, it opens in front of her.  Storm enters the room.

Cloud: Ah!  Storm!  What brings you here today?

Storm: Yo.  I heard you were looking for someone?

River: Yeah.  Peanut’s missing.  We had some info that he’s here in the closet.

Storm: So.  It’s a manhunt?

River: Technically, you could say–

Storm: I’m in. Come on slowpokes, the stairs are this way.

Storm exits, and the door closes behind her.

River: . . . Why is she helping us?

Cloud: *realizing* Wait.  Storm!  What exactly is your definition of ‘manhunt’?  Stoooorrrrmmm!

Why is Cloud so concerned?  What exactly is Storm planning?  Will the two (now three) ever find Peanut?  Find out next time on Chibi Chronicles!

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The Search for the Peanut Gallery, Part One: “We Have a Hit”

It’s a not-so-normal day at the Studio.  Peanut is still missing, and Epsilon Protocol has been activated, yet there has been no trace of the resident mad scientist and his two lackeys.  Even still, all is quiet as the other members of the Studio go about their day.

Suddenly, the silence is shattered.

Cloud: River!  RIVER!  WE HAVE A HIT!

River bolts out of her chair and hurries to peer at Cloud’s screen.

River: Where?

Cloud: We’re still tracing the signal, but. . . if my information is correct. . . he’s given away his location!  He’s inside my closet!

River: At least he’s back in the Studio.  But he’ll be difficult to find. 

Cloud: Don’t worry, I activated lockdown.  He’ll have to stay on whatever story he’s on!

River: . . . Somehow, that’s not as comforting as it should be.

Cloud stands up resolutely.

Cloud: It’s okay, River.  It’s my closet–I know it better than the back of my hand! 

River: Even so, I’m grabbing the ration packs.  This could take a while. . . .

Did Peanut give up his location on purpose?  Why did he choose to hide in Cloud’s closet?  Find out next time on Chibi Chronicles!


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The Terror Within (Cloud’s Closet)

Well, I’ve successfully (I think) avoided capture for almost a week now.  The past three days I’ve hidden in Cloud’s closet, exploring.  As far as I can tell the place is a monstrosity.  It is at least the size of a shopping mall, and the sector I am in is pitch dark, and smells of socks.  I’d attribute that to the large number of shoes in the area.  I’ve yet to see a way to the upper levels, but Cloud doesn’t seem the type of person to have this many shoes.  In her defense, at least her shoes/socks smell like chocolate.  There is another possibility to this.  It is possible that in the days before this, when I was in the kitchen, I permanently tainted my sense of smell.  I do suppose there are worse things to smell than chocolate, but I do not think it would work well with carrots, etc.

Conscience and Evil have fallen behind.  With no one but themselves to bounce their philosophies off of they have started to merge.  Even their features have started to merge, resulting in quite the nice mottled grey tone from Evil’s black robes and Conscience’s white.

Conglomerate:  Peanut!  I found a computer you could use!

Peanut:  What?  Oh.  Let’s see… *inspects*

Computer: Welcome… *scans fingers*… Peanut

Peanut:  aaah… Not my tech, not my problem.  *throws computer on the floor*  All better!

Conglomerate:  We detected a signal sent before you… terminated that.

It included an identification stream.    

Peanut:  aaah… and now it is my problem.  Time to move.                             

                        Through the floor, anyone? 

*melts through the floor in signature style* 

                        Shall we everyone? *runs off*



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Activate Epsilon Protocol

Cloud bursts into the Studio’s workroom, looking anxious.

Cloud: It’s terrible, it’s terrible!

River looks up from her computer.

River: What’s terrible, Cloud?

Cloud: Peanut’s gone on the run!

River: He’s WHAT?  Drat that Tasmanian devil! 

Cloud: *mournfully* If he’d only left a note when he left the Studio. . .

River: Yeah, then none of this would have happened.

Cloud: I hope he’s okay. . . . It’s a scary world out there.  What if he’s lost?  Alone?  What if he’s hurt?

River: *tsks* I’m more worried about the people around him.  Speaking of which, have you seen Evil Side or Conscience recently?

Cloud: . . . Now that you mention it, I haven’t.

River: Then we have to assume that they went with him. 

Cloud: Then at least he has company! That’s a relief!

River: Well, there’s no help for it.  Activate Epsilon Protocol!  Monitor all communication systems until we have a hit.  He’ll show up eventually, and when he does. . . .

Cloud: R-river, you’ve got that look in your eyes again. . . .

Where could Peanut be?  What could Conscience and Evil Side be planning?  And what exactly is Epsilon Protocol? Find out next time on Chibi Chronicles!

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Oh, well great…

Now that’s just great.  Now that there’s a warrant on me, I’m not sure what to do.  Do I post more often, to tease them?  Or do I take the smart route and, well, go into hiding.


Who am I kidding.  Come on guys, let’s go have some fun.


“Cry ‘Havoc’, and let slip the dogs of War…”

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