The Sound of Falling [into Gameland]

April 7, 2011 at 11:35 am Leave a comment

Voice acting update:  Pocket’s playing both Fabio and female Michi!  Now it’ll be really interesting to see how the Michi/Fabio scenes turn out….

Character update:  SC1 now has a name:  Eric!  Hopefully now the funny looks will stop whenever we talk about SC1… I mean, Eric. 🙂

Programming update:  Rabbit is pretty much done with all the programming.  I think that the boss level is the only one left.  Keep cheering him on!

This week we worked on recording (Pocket sounds awesome when she plays Michi, by the way) and polishing the script.  It’s funny– some the dialogue that sounded so awesome when we first wrote it sounds less so when, you know, actually spoken aloud.  So now we have to rewrite it. *sighs*  At least it’ll make the game better….

One last thing:  Besides the game, the C-Cubed artists are working on a little surprise.  All I can say now is to check back in a week or so.  Hope you like it!


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