Project Two: Electric Bugaloo

July 22, 2011 at 4:53 pm Leave a comment

Yesterday we didn’t have internet access in the Studio. . . . at all.   Which was annoying.  Okay, the internet is not vital to our work, but it does make some things harder (like playing Minecraft, and the lack thereof made Purin and Cloud a little bit  put out).

Anyway, today we do have internet, as you can tell!  So on to other news!

I am happy to announce that C-Cubed is taking a few weeks off of Gameland to work on our newly dubbed Project Two: C-Cubed Video 2011!  (cue applause)  Thank you, thank you.  Yes, after all the drama with our programmers MIA, on strike, or just plain bored with the whole  “What d’ya mean, you can’t make it do *insert really-cool-but-impossibe-to-program-effect here*?” reaction from the rest of us, this summer is the perfect time to relax and direct our creativeness towards a new project.  And when we’re done, we’re entering our film into a teen film festival hosted by our library!  Wish us luck!


Author’s Note:  For those of you who are wondering where the “Electric Bugaloo” comes in, here’s your answer:  I just like the phrase.  I think it’s from a bad sequel of a movie that wasn’t that good to begin with, but the phrase itself is funny enough to use in a ton of situations.  🙂


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KURORIN!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry

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