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Okay, let’s start off with the important club matters. Peanut got a worm on his flash-drive. We’re almost done with the introduction pages. Is that it? Is that everything? SWEET! Now I can talk about why I’m excited. I just looked at my upcoming course loads for the new school year. I’M IN PSYCHOLOGY I!! WHOOOO~! I’m made of so much excitement and HAPPY~! I love Psychology!  Especially mental disorders, or just how small changes to your brain can cause such vast differences. Like transgenders. Doctors have actually looked at the brains of transgenders, and they actually have the brain of someone of the opposite physical sex! So a transgender man will literally have the brain of a woman, and that’s why they have these feelings of being “in the wrong body”! Isn’t that fascinating? And then there’s Synesthesia. Synesthesia is when your brain makes connections between things that aren’t usually connected. So maybe you will hear a sound, and it will cause you to see certain colors, or taste something. The most common form is associating letters and numbers with colors. It’s theorized that all babies have Synesthesia, but as they grow older they lose the connections in their brains that cause Synesthesia, and that’s why Synesthesia isn’t commonplace. It’s similar to if you were to grow up in Japan, since they don’t have the letter “l”. You see, when you are a baby you still have the ability to make that “l” sound, but as you grow older in a society where that sound isn’t necessary and doesn’t even exist, you have no need for that mental “connection”, and you lose that ability. And I haven’t even STARTED on actual mental disorders! There’s Bipolar Disorder, for example. When someone is Bipolar then they will commonly experience manic episodes, depressive episodes, and “normal” episodes. During manic episodes they will feel extremely happy, but the interesting thing is, is that it’s not just happiness. It can take the form of Euphoria, and cause the aflicted person to need as little as 3-4 hours of sleep. They often have lowered attention spans and they are more likely to indulge in substance abuse, especially depressants and sleeping pills. They become aggressive, intolerant, or intrusive and they can feel out of control or unstoppable and experience severe anxiety and are very irritable, while others are euphoric and grandiose. And that’s just what happens during mania! During the depressive episode they can feel a wide variety of things, including persistent feelings of sadness, anxiety, guilt, anger, isolation, or hopelessness; disturbances in sleep and appetite; fatigue and loss of interest in usually enjoyable activities; problems concentrating; loneliness, self-loathing, apathy or indifference; depersonalization; shyness or social anxiety; irritability, chronic pain; lack of motivation; and morbid suicidal ideation. There is a Bipolar spectrum that can be applied to any case of Bipolar disorder.

M=severe mania

D=severe depression

m=hypomania (less severe mania)

d= less severe depression

So someone who is mD would suffer from hypomania and severe depression.  And that’s just a brief overview of bipolar disorder!

Oh. I guess no one else finds this a fascinating as I do. Well. Hmm. What to talk about…

*awkward silence*

Well…school’s starting soon. That’ll suck…

*even the crickets left*

Well… everyone’s gone… I guess I should get going too. Bye then.


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