Emi-kun’s Diligent Work

September 8, 2011 at 9:04 pm Leave a comment

Today is the official first day of Project Three.  I am happy to finally announce the name of this project: The amazing OVA Spider Hitler!  The idea, script, and art are all by Emi-kun, and as such, today’s blog post focuses on Emi-kun’s diligent work.

Emi wrote the script for Spider Hitler back in May, and  we’ve been itching to start this project since then.  And now, finally, we are!  So everyone’s overjoyed today, and the general atmosphere is one of contentment.  Well, Cloud, Emi, Dots, and I are, because Purin and Koko aren’t here.  But if they were, they’d be overjoyed, too, I’m sure.

The next stage of Project Three is the character design.  The three main characters have face designs already, but Emi’s weak point is drawing bodies. . . so today was a perfect chance for her to practice!  Over the course of an hour and a half, she improved from uncomfortable with hands ‘n’ feet to not only comfortable drawing them but to drawing them smoothly and consistently!  With a little more practice, Emi-kun will be a veritable master at drawing!

And with Cloud working hard on C-Cubed Theatre, everything is going smoothly.  It’s almost more than I could have hoped for.  So, with the progress we–and Emi-kun in particular–have made, I think that we’ll be able to start learning to animate with (in my case) or improve our knowledge of (in Emi’s case) Pencil soon.   Wish us luck!


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