Another Busy Day, Another Late Post

September 20, 2011 at 5:21 pm Leave a comment

Yesterday was a successful, but hectic, meeting. For one thing, there were five people who needed help. Dots and I barely had a quiet moment (which is why I’m posting this today), as we were doing everything from helping a young boy create his first, Frogger-like game in Scratch to helping a group of girls color and shade line art in Photoshop. While we aided the new members, Emi-kun edited the script and drew up a basic production plan for Spider Hitler, and Cloud-chi, Purin-san, and Koko-chan worked on art, both digitally and hand-drawn.

Even though today was a success, I’m looking forward to Thursday, which might be quieter.  At the very least, it’ll be longer, which means that I might have enough time to help Emi with Spider Hitler.

Oh yeah–since we had such fun playing with cameras a few weeks ago, Dots submitted a request to the higher ups for a HD camera–and they’re considering it!  This is great news, no?  Having a camera on hand opens the door to a ton of projects that weren’t available to us before.  Like a live-action movie, or a music video, or the ability to enter photography contests.  So yeah, we’re happy.


A/N: I’m very proud of the core group.  Not only is Emi-kun improving her art (I hope to post a few of her sketches soon), but the others are all working diligently as well.  Every meeting, we just fall into doing everything that needs done, and there a lot less goofing off than when we started out a year ago.  Granted, there’s still the same amount of talking and interaction–things are always lively when Emi and Purin are in the same room together, for example–but we still complete a lot in every week, even though we only meet for three hours.


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