Ah, the Sound of Music

September 22, 2011 at 10:23 pm Leave a comment

You know what that title there means, right? Yes, it means that we just realized that Spider Hitler will need music (or else be boring because of the silence in the background). No, it doesn’t mean that we’ve solved the problem of lack of music yet.

After discussing it for a while with Dots, Emi and I decided that Spider Hitler needs five songs: A Battle Theme, for when Hit-chan is fighting spiders; a Normal Theme, for the, well, normal aspects of the film; an Opening Theme, which is pretty much self-explanatory; a Closing Theme, also self-explanatory; and a Horrified Theme, for those moments in the film where Hit-chan is horrified by what she sees.  Emi wants at least one of the songs to have lyrics, which presents its own difficulty, as we don’t know anyone who can just write lyrics that immediately fit.  Maybe we’ll find one?  (Hey, I can dream, right?)

I hope to find someone who can compose music (and the ability to write fitting lyrics would be nice, too), but as it is, we’ll probably end up writing the music by ourselves.  I expect we’ll use a synthesiser, at least for some of the music.  Even if we make mistakes at first, at least it’ll be fun to learn a new skill, right?



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