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October 8, 2011 at 4:52 am 2 comments

So I wrote this short story thing the other day in an email. And I have this really weird habit of losing emails somehow, so I’m going to deposit it here so that I don’t lose it. Here you go guys. BTW I was emailing with River and we were talking about a lost item of hers.

Me: try rooms you don’t go in often, and bring a small indoor ladder/footstool so you can reach the top of shelves and the like. Also, don’t be above sticking your arm under random pieces of furniture, as that is where most lost things like to hide. You see, they are aware of us human being’s fear of bugs and things, so they hide where we think bugs and things are. *nodnod*

River: Under random pieces of furniture, huh?  Well, makes sense–I’ve found all sorts of things kicked under there.  Like our TV remote.  For some reason it really like hiding under the couch.

So, lost stuff is conspiring with dust bunnies and bugs?  Why bugs?  Why couldn’t it conspire with, I don’t know, clean clothes or something?

Me: Because if it was only clean cloths we humans wouldn’t care. :3 *nodnod* But it is a conspiracy. The dust bunnies and bugs hide under  furniture because it is dark and humans are scared of the dark. They allow lost stuff to take refuge in their dark dust and bug infested areas. But you see, the lost stuff is only allowed there because it is blackmailing the dust bunnies and bugs. You see, the lost stuff will threaten to make the humans want to do a super-ultra-house-cleaning, which will cause the under-the-furniture to be cleaned, wiping out the dust bunny and bug alliance. You see, when you get the urge to super-ultra clean, you think you are just motivated. But what’s really happening is that your stuff is whispering to you. Telling you that they do not like being on the floor and that they wish you would help them. But you don’t realize that it’s your stuff telling you this. All you know is that you suddenly get this URGE. You HAVE to get your room clean. You have to pick up your stuff and up them where they go, into their comfy little homes and cubby holes. But it’s all the fault of the lost items, whispering, angry, getting their revenge on the dust and bugs for forsaking them, even though they both knew who really had the power in that relationship. The dust and the bugs took a risk in order to keep their area safe and because of this risk, because they left those lost items out in the open to be found, the lost items brought down hell upon the dust and bugs, until the new colony forms. Until new new leaders take the place of old. And, for the sake of these new colonies and for the fate of the lost items, the lost items can only pray. Pray that these new leaders are smarter. That they learn of the mistakes of the old because they do not want to end a whole nation of their friends and allies– they simply do not have a choice if they wish to remain hidden. So they whisper into the ears of humans, kind unknowing humans, and afterwords? After the anger has dissipated they pray that the next time… next time they can live in peace with their friends. That next time maybe the dust and bugs will be less selfish, will take a small risk for their allies and their friends. That next time will not end with anger and hatred.

Next time.


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