Of Hobbits and Comics

October 28, 2011 at 10:54 pm Leave a comment

So yesterday, while we were chatting during work, the topic of the conversation turned to Lord of the Rings.  As awesome as LotR is, it was inevitable that we would eventually turn to the topic (especially since Cloud and I watched the Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition with Emi the other day).  Anyway, to my surprise, Emi and ThePeanutGallery haven’t read the books–even though they loved the movies!  Emi doesn’t even plan to read them!  Not even The Hobbit!

So of course Cloud and I had to wax poetic for a few minutes about how amazing The Hobbit is (well. . . how awesome it is the second time through, that is).  Then Emi informed us that in her opinion, if the first sentence was boring, why would she read the whole book?

I was shocked!  I mean, it’s a classic for a reason, right?  Anyway, if she only wants to watch the movies, that’s her choice.  (But she doesn’t know what she’s missing. . . .)

On to important things.  The first 4-koma panel of Chibi Chronicles (formerly called C-Cubed Theatre) have been published!  After three months of work, it is finally complete!  How awesome is that?

Because you’re awesome, here’s a preview of what happens!


After this, I think it will be easier to complete the panels.  Check back soon to find out what happens next!



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