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March 29, 2012 at 6:53 pm Leave a comment

Hello. Koko here. So now that I’ve finally set up my account, I can post stuff AND NO ONE WILL BE ABLE TO STOP ME!!! So, anyway…I bet you saw Peanut’s post on how he’s anti-mind control. This actually doesn’t help him at all. Now I can say that he put on a pink leotard, tutu, and wings WILLINGLY! Even better. Now, please enjoy this short dialogue.

* * *

Koko: Hello! *waves* So, today I finally set up my WordPress account. Which means that I can post all I want. Now, on to the subject of Peanut. You probably read his post on the blog that he was somehow ‘anti-mind control’. He thinks that will prove that I can’t control him. He might not have thought about this, but that means that he put a pink leotard, tutu, and wings on WILLINGLY!!! This makes me so happy. *sigh*

Upstairs, Peanut has hacked into Koko’s account and is reading what she is typing.

Peanut: Hmm . . .

Downstairs, Koko is still typing.

Koko: And what Peanut doesn’t know is that while he was running around in a tutu, I was recording him!!! *giggle* That means I have possible blackmail material!!!

Upstairs, Peanut is still reading.

Peanut: . . . *calls down the stairs* Oh, KOKO!!!!

Koko: Uh-oh! Bye-bye readers! Hope I can escape Peanut’s wrath! *says this quickly*

Peanut, getting closer and closer: Koko! You’re in big trouble!

Koko: Catch me if you can, Peanut! And one more thing: EAT MY DUST!!!!

Koko takes off, with Peanut on her trail.

* * *

Hope you liked it!

~ Koko


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