Ten Under Ten: The World of Studio Ghibli

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Yep, you read the title right!  This week, we’re reviewing (read: celebrating) ten of Studio Ghibli’s hit films.  And what’s that I hear about a bonus. . . ?

It’s just Koko, Cloud, and River this week.  Enjoy!

Spirited Away

Cover of "Spirited Away"

Cover via Amazon

Koko: I love Kamaji. The spider guy. He is awesome.

Cloud: Haku. Dragon. Awesome.

River: Chihiru is a little whiny.  Other than that, epic.

Castle in the Sky

Sheeta and Pazu

Sheeta and Pazu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Koko: I want a floating house.

Cloud: . . . *sob sob* s-so sad! But. . . It’s so sweet too!

River:  Th-the technology used to make Laputa must have been amazing. . . !

Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle.

Howl’s Moving Castle. (Photo credit: hfabulous)

Koko: Calcifer is cute. And weird.

Cloud: It’s a good movie! And yes, Koko, Calcifer is cute. :3

River: There’s a lot of “magic happens here”.  *grins*

Porco Russo

Fio and Porco

Fio and Porco (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Koko: I haven’t seen it.

Cloud:  ‘Chicken, Pig, what’s the difference?’ . . . a lot,  Porco. A lot.

River: Mm. Bacon.  *awkward pause* Wh-what?  I’m just joking. . . .


Cover of "Ponyo (Two-Disc Edition)"

Cover of Ponyo (Two-Disc Edition)


Cloud: . . . W-well, I don’t mean to argue with you Koko, but. . .

River: . . . Meh.

Whisper of the Heart

Whisper of the Heart (film)

Whisper of the Heart (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Koko: Haven’t seen it.

Cloud: . . . Kitties! *snuggles*

River:  This one is pretty vague.  But!  I stilled liked it.

The Cat Returns

The Cat Returns

The Cat Returns (Photo credit: spike55151)

Koko: The part where she’s turning into a cat. Weird.

Cloud: . . . More kitties! *snuggles, hugs, and pets*

River:  Question: Where does the cat return from?

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Kiki and Jiji (sitting on Kiki's back) flying ...

Kiki and Jiji (sitting on Kiki’s back).(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Koko: One of my favorite movies.

Cloud: I like this one!

River: It was my favorite when I was six.  Now, no.

Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind

Though we’re reviewing the movie, not the books. . . . (Photo credit: Xesc)

Koko: Haven’t seen it.

Cloud: . . . Too sad! *nods head decisively*

River:  Slightly strange post-apocalyptic story.

Tales from Earthsea

Gedo Senki -Tales from Earthsea Poster

Gedo Senki -Tales from Earthsea Poster (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Koko: Nope, not this one either.

Cloud: Animation: Epic. Story: Kinda weird.

River:  I miss Miyazaki already. . . .

Bonus: The Secret World of Arietty

The Secret World of Arietty Cover

Image via Amazon

Koko: Also haven’t seen this one.

Cloud: Why!!!!! Why the slightly cliff-hanger-y ending?!?!?!?! *sobs*

River:  This one was amazing on the big theater screen.

Want to read it in black-and-white?  Click here!


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Happy Labor Day! …hello?

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