The War Between River and Koko, Part 2: Clones and Peanut

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Hi again!  Here’s the second part of The War Between River and Koko!  So, has River managed to escape from Koko’s electric net?  And what tricks does Koko have up her sleeve. . . ?

Read Part 1 here!

River waves from Cloud’s room.

River: Sorry, sweetheart.  You captured my clone-bot.  I’m already in Cloud’s closet.  Nice try, though.  Now, where did I put it. . . ?

Koko:  PUT WHAT?!?!?!?! *sends message to Peach* *Peach squeezes out of River’s hands and runs off to her special hiding place in Cloud’s room to eat cookies*

River: Muaha!  Like I’m going to tell you! *throws armfuls of clothes over her shoulder* Aha, found it!

She takes the Mysterious Item and grins mischievously.

River: Are you sure that you don’t want to just give up now, Koko-chan?

Koko: NO!!! I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!!! *puts up a special barrier that cannot be penetrated by anything, even River’s mysterious device, around her room* Now, SURRENDER!!!!

River: Okay.  If that’s your decision. . . just remember, I am the Space-Time Witch. . . . Now, my Mysterious Item shall once again help me win this battle~!

She goes back in time by five minutes to untangle River-clone-bot from the net, and then activates Mysterious Item.

River: Now. . . !  River-clone-bot, disable the force field while my Mysterious Item does its work. . . !

*River-clone-bot disables the special barrier*

River: Mysterious Item!  Lend me your aid! 

The Mysterious Item glows.

River: Now, I shall warp the space around Koko, so that she cannot move! *distorts the space around Koko* Hah!  You’re trapped!  SURRENDER!

Koko: Ah, but the barrier cannot be disabled by anyone except me and Peach, and Peach will only disable it on my request. Also, the net was electric, so the clone shorted out.

River:  *tsk tsk* You really don’t understand the rules of the Studio, do you?  Me: Space-Time Witch, Master of the Universe, Project Manager in the Studio.  I have ultimate power.  Ultimate.
In other words, there is an automatic way for me to bypass ANY sort of barrier’s mechanisms.  So, even if my clone-bot is disabled, I will just disable the barrier myself.

She disables the barrier.

River: And besides, you’re stuck in distorted space.


Peanut comes racing in.

Peanut: Computer, activate intruder scanning system.

Computer: Intruder: Confirmed. River activated Z.D.S.E.T.N.T. Device.

Peanut: RIVER!!!!!!!

Peanut throws River into the deep abyss under his bed.

River: *angry now* Nobody throws this fox under a bed and gets away with it!

She uses the Mysterious Item to distort the space around Peanut, and then delicately sets the Mysterious Item aside.

River: Ahem.  Computer: Activate code WZC-700-oo4. . . .

Things are really heating up, especially now that Peanut’s entered the fray!  Who do you think will be the victor?  Koko, with her traps?  Peanut, with his varied inventions?  Or River, with her Mysterious Item?  Find out next Monday, with the final installment of The War Between River and Koko!

Want to read it in black-and-white?  Click here!


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