Ten Under Ten: Anime

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Everyone’s (read: River, Purin, and Cloud’s) favorite anime makes an appearance this week, along with its creepy counterpart and a couple of sugary shojo stories.

River: Yes, CLAMP has three anime on this list.  Is that a problem?  Didn’t think so.

Tsubasa Chronicles

Purin: My love for this cannot be expressed in words.

River: Read.  The.  Manga.  Then watch the anime.

Cloud: It’s just– It’s just–squee! *snuggles the travelers* But the manga–squeeeee!


River:  Why’d they cut out the references to Tsubasa??? *sob sob*

Cloud: S-so c-c-c-creepy. . . Riiiiiiivvvvvveeeeeerrrr! *clings*

Sailor Moon

Purin: I’ve watched a few episodes~

River: I re-watched some episodes lately.  The English dub is annoying.

Cloud: . . . They made Sailor Moon have a whiny voice.

My Neighbor Totoro

Purin: I really want to watch this!

River: Ohmigosh, it’s so cute!

Cloud: Totoro! Totoro! Totoro!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Cardcaptor Sakura

Purin: My very first anime *cough*manga*cough*

River: The English dub leaves something to be desired.

Cloud: . . . *agrees completely with River*


Purin: Ah~ This has been around for a long time.

River: H-how can Ash stay ten years old for so long. . . ?

Cloud: Pikachu is so cuuuuute. . .

Pandora Hearts

Purin: Echo-chan is amazing!

River: I’ve only read the manga.  Sorry, Purin-chan!

Cloud: . . . Say what? *is clueless*


River:  Why must they always tug on my heartstrings?

Cloud: *sniff sniff*


River:  Potato!

Cloud: Piko! Piko! Pikopikopiko!

Fruits Basket

River:  Yuki sounds like a girl.  That is wrong.

Cloud: . . . Who’s Yuki?


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