Ten Under Ten: A Crowd of Vocaloids, Part 2

October 10, 2012 at 6:33 pm Leave a comment

And the argument continues. . . *sigh*  This post features the second half of the Vocaloid 2 series!

See Part 1 here.


River: Her voice’s pretty.  Now if only she wasn’t so expensive!

Cloud: Here we go again. . . I don’t know her. ):

Purin: Englishness! Don’t really do it sorry~

SF-A2 Miki

River: Meh.

Cloud: . . . Say what?

Purin: YEA! HELICOPTER! *reference from a video*

Kaai Yuki

River: She’s so cute! *squee*  Wish she had an English voicebank.

Cloud: . . . I agree with River. *has no idea who she is*

Purin: Haven’t heard her voice, but cute character design xD

Kiyoteru Hiyama

River: Kiyoteru-sensei!

Cloud: He has a pretty name.

Purin: Glasses >xD


River: It’s really pretty when she sings with Luka.

Cloud: Lilies are beautiful flowers.

Purin: Her voice is… okay… but I like her outfit.


River: Her voice is so beautiful.

Cloud: She has a nice voice!

Purin: *had to look up*


River: He sings good folk songs.

Cloud: . . . *cries in a corner*

Purin: *had to look up*


River: For some reason, I always imagine him as a frog.

Cloud: A froggy? :3

Purin: Frog frog xD!

Nekomura Iroha

River: Why a cat?

Cloud: Meow! ^-.-^ <— A sleeping kitty.

Purin: Neko Neko ni Shite Ageru~

Utatane Piko

River:  His name sounds like he’s a dog.

Cloud: Doggie?! Where?!?!?! *runs off to find a puppy* <— Cloud reeeeeaaaaaalllly likes dogs.

Purin: Heard his voice from Repairers of the deceptive world

So, what’s your favorite Vocaloid 2?

Want to read it in black-and-white?  Click here!


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