Koko’s Revenge, Number 2: You’re in trouble now, Peanut! (part 2)

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Hello again, and welcome to the second installment of ‘Koko’s Revenge, Number 2’! Now Conscience and Evil Side are caught up in this too! But what can Koko say to convince Conscience to let her take her revenge?

Read Part 1 here!


Koko: . . . He made Cloud cry.

Conscience: *gasps* That fiend! How dare he!

Evil Side: What Conscience really wants to say is how can we help you? Get revenge, I mean.

Conscience: Evil Side! *smacks Evil Side upside the head*

Evil Side: Fine. How can I help you get revenge, and how can Conscience help discipline Peanut?

Conscience: He does need disciplining, doesn’t he?

Evil Side: *whispers to Koko* He’ll help. Just call it discipline, not revenge.

Koko: Um . . . Ok. Evil Side, if I let you hold the glue, do you promise to not glue anything other than what I want you to glue?

Evil Side: I make no promises.

Conscience: *pulls Evil Side’s ear* Then she won’t let you help her discipline Peanut, will she?

Evil Side: Ow stop it! OW OW OW OW OWWW.

Conscience: Don’t act like a baby, Evil Side. I’m not even pulling that hard. *lets go*

Koko: . . . So are you gonna help me or not?

Evil Side: Fine, I promise. I’m not passing this up for anything.

Koko: Then hold this. *hands Evil side the magic tube of glue*

Conscience: What can I do?

Koko: *looks at Peanut’s protective barrier* . . . You know that thing you did with the glue that was gluing my computer shut?

Conscience: Uh-huh.

Koko: Can you do something like that on that protective barrier of Peanut’s? I kinda need to be able to reach him for this to work. . .

Conscience: Of course. *snaps his fingers*

The Protective Barrier disappears.

Koko: Great! Now carry this. *a big block of lead seemingly floats into the room*

Koko: Thanks, Peach! *Peach crawls out from under the block of lead*

Peach: Wrrrrbz. *faints*


Peach twitches.

Koko: Um, Conscience? Would you take Peach to her secret cubby hole in Cloud’s room? Just take a peek at Peach’s thoughts if you don’t know where to go.

Conscience: I would be happy to assist this poor puffly! However, I cannot see her thoughts. The only person who’s thoughts I can read is Peanut. And Evil Side, but he doesn’t count.

Koko: Well . . .

Cloud: Hey, Koko-chan! What are you doing?

Koko: *freezes guiltily, with the bottle of glue in her hand.*

Cloud: *Looks at Koko’s guilty face to the wall that is smothered in glue, to the block of lead that is also smothered in glue.* . . .

Koko: C-cloud! Wait! I-I can explain-

Cloud: D’aww, you’re redecorating Peanut’s room for him? How sweet!

Koko: . . . Yeah. Something like that.*still looks guilty*

Cloud: *completely not noticing Koko’s guilty face* Oh, and do you know where Peach is? She left a few minutes ago. . .

Koko: . . . Yeah. She wanted to help, but she worked too hard and passed out.

Cloud: *gasps* Oh, poor Peach!

Koko: Hey, Cloud? Could you take Peach to her secret cubby hole? It’s in your room by the-

Cloud: *takes Peach gently* I know where Peach’s cubby hole is. C’mon Peach, let’s get you to bed. . .

Cloud leaves.

Koko: . . . Right.

Evil Side: . . . Isn’t a secret cubby hole supposed to be. . . you know. . . secret?

Koko: Shut up, Evil Side. Conscience, your job is to distract Cloud.

Conscience: I beg your pardon?

Koko: You get to bake cookies with her.

Conscience: I’d be happy to! *Goes to ask Cloud to bake cookies with him*

Koko: *Notices that Evil Side is plastered against the wall* Whatcha doing over there, Evil Side?

Evil Side: . . . Cloud’s aura of purity, remember?

Koko: Oh. Yeah. But anyway, come over here and help me stick this lead on the wall.

Evil Side: It takes a while to wear off.

Koko: How long?

Evil Side: About ten minutes. But if you say evil words, the time decreases.

Koko: . . . Evil. Dastardly. Evil laughs. Revenge. Evil stuff. More evil stuff.


Just why does Cloud’s aura of purity affect Evil Side so much, anyway? Will Koko be able to un-stick him from the wall in time? And what will happen when Peanut wakes up? Find out next time, with the third part of ‘Koko’s Revenge, Number 2’!

Want to read it in black-and-white? Click here!


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