Ten Under Ten: Desserts

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Today, Ten Under Ten is all about desserts, for lack of a better topic because Koko has gone insane all inspiration has been lost because I said so. No arguments. If you want to suggest something for us to review, my lovelies, comment below.

Anyway, desserts!


Koko: Macarons. *drool*

Cloud: Koko-chan, you must show me where they sell these ‘Macarons’. :3

River:  They look so delicious.  And so cute!

Peanut:  meh, sure just let me eat them.

Choco-chip Cookies

Koko: They’re really good when fresh and the chocolate is melty . . .

Cloud: Chocolate chip cookies are delicious! Ooh, I’ll go make some! *runs to the kitchen*

River:  Yes, Cloud’s making chocolate chip cookies!  My day is complete.

Peanut:  I am never eating one of those again…


Koko: So . . . Yummy . . .

Cloud: Fun Fact: Marshmallows used to be flavored from the marsh-mallow plant! :3

River: S’mores, anyone?

Peanut:  I am a complete geek, watch ghostbusters for why.


Koko: They’re not just for Christmas, you know.

Cloud: Mmmm. . .  Gingerbread is so nice!

River: You’re totally right, Koko!  Let’s have some after Cloud’s cookies!

Peanut:  *sings* Attack, of the killer Ginger


Ice Cream

Cloud: It’s just so nice and cold and delicious!

Koko: Ice cream . . . mmm . . .

River: Whoever first decided to freeze chocolate milk was brilliant.

Peanut:  I take melted ice cream baths.


Cloud: Oooh. . . Chocolate. . .

Koko: My sentiments exactly, Cloud.

River:  My love for chocolate cannot be expressed in words.

Peanut: NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM.  *one word*


Cloud: These are really yummy!

Koko: I love soufflé.

River:  Cloud makes the best soufflé ever!

Peanut:  Blegh.

Fudge Bars

Cloud: Fudge Bars are so goooooood. . .

Koko: *gasp* Fudge baaars . . .

River:  See “Ice Cream,” above.

Peanut: *eats refrigerater to get to fudge*


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