Koko’s Revenge, Number 2: Peanut, You’re REALLY hard to wake up. . . (part 3)

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So if you say ‘evil words’ Evil Side can recover from the effects of Cloud’s aura faster? Huh. I never knew that. Nor did I know that the word ‘dastardly’ was considered evil. . . Anyway, here is the third installment of ‘Koko’s Revenge, Number 2’!

Read part one here, and part two here!


Evil Side: . . . That’s enough. *unsticks himself from the wall and picks up the lead* Where do you want it?

Koko: . . . Where all the glue is.

Evil Side: Oh. That was obvious. *sticks the block to the wall*

Koko: *grins evilly* Great. Now put Peanut in this! *hands Evil Side a peanut suit*

Evil Side: . . . A peanut suit?

Koko: The inside is covered with glue.

Evil Side: Ah. *Goes to stuff Peanut in the suit.*

Koko: Now begins the second part of my evil plan! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA!

Evil Side: *levitates Peanut into the room* What was the first part?

Koko: The lead and glue part. Obviously.

Evil Side: . . .That was obvious too, huh?

Koko: Now, glue Peanut to the block of lead!

Evil Side: Why?

Koko: Just do it.

Evil Side glues Peanut to the block of lead.

Evil Side:  Now what?


Evil Side: I can’t tell you.

Koko: Why not?

Evil Side: I literally can’t tell you. Peanut programmed me so I couldn’t tell his fears to anyone. His secrets, however . . .

Koko: YES! Tell me those!

Evil Side: He sleeps with a mini robot.

Koko: Great! What is it called?

Evil Side: Mr. Fluffykins.

Koko: Mr. Fluffykins?! *laughs and laughs and laughs*

Koko: Where is this Mr. Fluffykins? I want to see him.

Evil Side: Check under his pillow.

Koko : *carefully flips Peanut’s pillow over* Ah-ha! *picks up the mini robot*

Koko: Evil Side, how can we wake him up?

Evil Side: It’s impossible to wake him. He’ll wake when he wants to.

Koko: Riiiiiiggggght. *takes a deep breath* PEANUT!!!!

Peanut snores.

Koko: PEANUT!!!

Evil Side: Try sticking him in the freezer. That usually works.

Koko: . . . Evil Side, he’s glued to a block of lead glued to a wall. How do you propose we move him?

Evil Side: Oh, right.

Koko: I know! *runs to the kitchen*

Cloud is in the kitchen, baking pies.

Koko: Cloud, could I possibly borrow one of your hottest pies?

Cloud: Of course, Koko-chan! *hands Koko a giant steaming hot apple pie*

Koko: *smirks* This will be perfect. Thanks, Cloud! *rushes back to Peanut*

Evil Side: Why do you have a pie and where can I get one?

Koko: Just watch and you can go ask Cloud for one.

Evil Side: Eh, maybe later. I wanna see what you’re gonna do with it. . . Wait. Cloud gave you that pie?

Koko: Yep.

Evil Side: *sighs* Darn. That means I can’t get one.

Koko: Cloud’s aura of purity?

Evil Side: Cloud’s aura of purity.

Koko: . . . Well, back on subject. . .

Koko wafts the smell of hot apple pie under Peanut’s nose.

Peanut: *groggily opens eyes* Hey, look, pie!

Koko: *blinks* Do you have any idea how hard it is to wake you up?

Peanut: Yeah. That’s why I get Evil Side to stick me somewhere with extreme weather. Now. can I have some pie?

Koko: NO. That is for me.

Evil Side: HEY! What about me?!?!?

Koko: Me and Evil Side.

Evil Side: *huffily* That’s better!

Peanut: . . . Riiiiiiiiight.


. . . Why name a robot Mr. Fluffikins? I mean, robots aren’t generally fluffy. . . are they? And just what will Koko do with said ‘Mr. Fluffikins’? Find out next time, in the final part of ‘Koko’s Revenge, Number 2’!


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