Koko’s Revenge, Number 2: Peanut, I’d suggest begging for mercy. . . (part 4)

November 19, 2012 at 10:10 pm 1 comment

Well, here we are at the final installment of ‘Koko’s Revenge, Number 2’! Koko seems to have something dastardly up her sleeve. . . I wonder what it is? Only one way to find out. . .

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Koko: Anyway, I have your deepest darkest secret.

Peanut: Um. *looks around shiftily* I don’t have any secrets.

Koko: You mean. . . *cackles evilly* Mr. Fluffikins isn’t a secret. . . ? *cackles again*

Peanut: *in a squeaky voice* How do you know about Mr. Fluffykins?!?!?!



Koko: Well, that’ll be difficult. . . *cackles*

Evil Side: What is it with you and cackling?

Koko: Quiet, Evil Side!

Peanut: What do you mean. . . ?

Koko: You are glued in a peanut suit. That is glued to a block of lead. That is glued to the wall. How exactly do you propose to come over here and ‘kick my butt’?

Peanut: What?! *looks around* AHHHH!

Evil Side: Finally noticed that, have you? And where’s my popcorn? I feel like this should have popcorn.

Koko: So tell me your darkest fears or I’ll. . . *evil laugh*

Peanut: *shakes in horror*

Evil Side: *noms on popcorn*

Koko: Where did you get that? Me wants some.

Evil Side: Peanut’s secret refrigerator.

Koko: Peanut has a secret refrigerator?

Evil Side: Nope, I lied. I got it from the kitchen.

Koko: Isn’t Cloud in there?

Evil Side: Nope. She’s looking after Peach, remember?

Koko: *ignoring the quivering Peanut* Oh yeah. . . Anyway, back to Peanut.

Peanut: I have no fears.  Nope, no fears. None at all.

Koko: Suuuure. Evil Side, do you know what Peanut’s darkest fears are?

Evil Side: . . . Shouldn’t this be breaking the fourth wall? I’m just the audience . . . right?!

Koko: *slaps her hand over Evil Side’s mouth* Shush! Even talking about the fourth wall breaks it! And no, you aren’t the audience. They are. *points at the readers*

Koko and Evil Side stare at the readers for a moment.

River: Koko! Evil Side! NO BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL!!!!

Koko: Where did you come from?!?!?!

River: I know all about these things. . .

River leaves.

Evil Side: . . . And she doesn’t even mention the Peanut stuck to the wall. . .

River comes back in.

River: Oh, and one more thing. . . NO GLUING PEANUT TO THE WALL!! Unless you have a very good reason.

Evil Side: But we didn’t glue Peanut to the wall. We glued Peanut to a block of lead, and glued the lead to the wall.

River: Same difference.

Koko: But we do have a—

River leaves. Again.

Koko: . . . *looks at Evil Side* Does this mean that we can’t continue. . . ?

Evil Side: I guess so.

Koko: Right. Well, no help for it, I suppose. . . Maybe we can go persuade River to let us continue?


Evil Side: Maybe. Let’s go try.

Evil Side and Koko troop outside.

Peanut: HEY! I’M STILL STUCK HERE!!!!!!!!!!!

There is no response.

Peanut: . . . *looks at readers* . . . Do any of you wanna help me . . . ?

The End. . . ?


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  • 1. Peanut  |  January 20, 2013 at 8:31 pm

    Sheesh. one get’s tired of being pushed around for show.


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