The internet hates us. TT_TT

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Dear readers–picture, if you will, this scene: A meeting here at the Studio, with birds singing, the sun shining, Koko and Peanut plotting dastardly things behind our backs, and Emi and Purin squabbling like bad-tempered cats and dogs.

In other words, the usual. Now add to this scene a dutiful little member (I shall not name who), booting up a computer with the good-natured intention of writing a post to assure you all that we have not, in fact, been disbanded*, fired by the higher ups**, or locked into my never-ending closet by Peanut***. She patiently waits through the loading screen and starts up the web browser, ready to let her creative juices flow and bring a post of JOY and INSPIRATION to you all…only to have such ambitions crushed by a most devious enemy.

The internet itself.

Mechanical cackling echoes around the Studio as her web browser loads at a mind-numbingly slow rate, mocking her plight as she waits with an increasing sense of hopelessness.

Finally, finally, after what seems like an age of waiting, the browser finishes loading. Filled with a new sense of hope, the little member goes to navigate to WordPress–just as Dots calls for everyone to put their computers away. The meeting is over.

The windows in the Studio crack as the poor member gives vent to a high-pitched scream of pure frustration. Defeated by her fearsome foe!

But next time…next time, the internet will pay for this trial. And it will pay dearly.


A/N: I hope you have enjoyed this inspired by mostly fictional embellished story as to why there wasn’t an update two weeks ago. To sum it up: The internet hates us.



* Not likely.

** Technically impossible.

*** Might actually happen one day. You can never tell with Peanut. And if you guys are wondering about the ‘never-ending closet’ thing, you will find out what I’m talking about in Chibi Chronicles. One day. In the far, far future. After I finally get River to stop exclaiming in horror over the old art.


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