The Great Out Doors…

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Sorry bout the long wait for this, but I didn’t finish it before I went out. Now I’m back, and River’s FINALLY stopped yelling at me, but MAN! the things I saw out there… well got to go. Time to figure out what to do with my mind. Should be able to get the rest out soon.

An atypical day in the studio starts out even more unusually than normal.  Well, atypical at the Studio means fairly normal in other terms.  Oh, well…  Here’s the beginning.
Peanut, lying in bed at the beginning of the day:  *sigh*  I suppose I have to get up.
Conscience: Get up and seize the day!!
Evil:  Get up and kidnap the day for hostage money!!
Peanut:  Umm… guys, you can’t kidnap a day, much less for hostage money.
Evil: Oh.
*2 hours later, after breakfast*
Evil:  I propose for the day, we go outside!
Conscience: umm… Doesn’t River say we aren’t aloud out.  Shoot, we aren’t even allowed to open the front door!!
Peanut:  While you two argue over this, I’m going to ask if we can look outside.
Evil:  Why didn’t we think of that?
Conscience:  We were arguing.
Evil: Ya don’t say, dipwit. It was a rhetorical question.
*meanwhile, Peanut talks to River*
Peanut: RIVER!!!!
River: *appears instantly* What.
Peanut: Can I go outside?
River: You ask to go outside?!? NEVA!!!!!11!!!!1!!!
Peanut: Why?
River: *blink*blink* Ermm… well.. Hate ta break it to you, but there isn’t really.. any..thing..out.there…
Peanut: Exactly!!! I can go mess around out there and no one gets hurt!!
River: Umm..Peanut.. There is literally NOTHING out there, no ground, no air, nothing.
Peanut: Please recall: MAGIC STUDIO!
River: No.
*bout 2 hours later*
Peanut: C’mon you two.
Conscience: Where are we going?
Peanut: Outside!
Conscience: But River said-
Evil: *innocently* River’s working on her hovercraft.
Peanut: *smiles* She won’t even notice we left.
*In the hallway by the door*
Conscience: We really shouldn’t do this…
Peanut: Oh? And why’s that?
Conscience: Be-because River told you not to..
Peanut: So? If you didn’t notice, we more or less do our own things here!
Conscience: I DON’T WANNA DIE!!!!
Evil: *slight laugh, drools*
Peanut: Oh, don’t worry! I can sustain air around us! Besides, we’re in space suits remember?
Conscience: Still…
Evil faints
Conscience: *props Evil up, and turns his the air tank*
Peanut: Much better. I can feel the evilness flowing back to me. *opens door*


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