Activate Epsilon Protocol

February 27, 2016 at 10:34 pm 3 comments

Cloud bursts into the Studio’s workroom, looking anxious.

Cloud: It’s terrible, it’s terrible!

River looks up from her computer.

River: What’s terrible, Cloud?

Cloud: Peanut’s gone on the run!

River: He’s WHAT?  Drat that Tasmanian devil! 

Cloud: *mournfully* If he’d only left a note when he left the Studio. . .

River: Yeah, then none of this would have happened.

Cloud: I hope he’s okay. . . . It’s a scary world out there.  What if he’s lost?  Alone?  What if he’s hurt?

River: *tsks* I’m more worried about the people around him.  Speaking of which, have you seen Evil Side or Conscience recently?

Cloud: . . . Now that you mention it, I haven’t.

River: Then we have to assume that they went with him. 

Cloud: Then at least he has company! That’s a relief!

River: Well, there’s no help for it.  Activate Epsilon Protocol!  Monitor all communication systems until we have a hit.  He’ll show up eventually, and when he does. . . .

Cloud: R-river, you’ve got that look in your eyes again. . . .

Where could Peanut be?  What could Conscience and Evil Side be planning?  And what exactly is Epsilon Protocol? Find out next time on Chibi Chronicles!


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Oh, well great… The Terror Within (Cloud’s Closet)

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