The Terror Within (Cloud’s Closet)

March 2, 2016 at 12:08 pm 4 comments

Well, I’ve successfully (I think) avoided capture for almost a week now.  The past three days I’ve hidden in Cloud’s closet, exploring.  As far as I can tell the place is a monstrosity.  It is at least the size of a shopping mall, and the sector I am in is pitch dark, and smells of socks.  I’d attribute that to the large number of shoes in the area.  I’ve yet to see a way to the upper levels, but Cloud doesn’t seem the type of person to have this many shoes.  In her defense, at least her shoes/socks smell like chocolate.  There is another possibility to this.  It is possible that in the days before this, when I was in the kitchen, I permanently tainted my sense of smell.  I do suppose there are worse things to smell than chocolate, but I do not think it would work well with carrots, etc.

Conscience and Evil have fallen behind.  With no one but themselves to bounce their philosophies off of they have started to merge.  Even their features have started to merge, resulting in quite the nice mottled grey tone from Evil’s black robes and Conscience’s white.

Conglomerate:  Peanut!  I found a computer you could use!

Peanut:  What?  Oh.  Let’s see… *inspects*

Computer: Welcome… *scans fingers*… Peanut

Peanut:  aaah… Not my tech, not my problem.  *throws computer on the floor*  All better!

Conglomerate:  We detected a signal sent before you… terminated that.

It included an identification stream.    

Peanut:  aaah… and now it is my problem.  Time to move.                             

                        Through the floor, anyone? 

*melts through the floor in signature style* 

                        Shall we everyone? *runs off*




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Activate Epsilon Protocol The Search for the Peanut Gallery, Part One: “We Have a Hit”

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  • […] Cloud: We’re still tracing the signal, but. . . if my information is correct. . . he’s given away his location!  He’s inside my closet! […]

  • 2. cloudcross  |  March 6, 2016 at 3:19 am

    Of course you haven’t found the stairs! I keep them well hidden. It’d be terrible if I lost someone down there aga–ahem. If someone got lost down there.
    Anyway, thanks for broadcasting your position, Peanut! ‘Scuse me, I’d better go activate lockdown now…

  • […] Previously on The Search for Peanut: The Peanut Gallery, the Studio’s resident mad scientist, vanished under mysterious circumstances!  It appears he’s on the run!  After activating Epsilon Protocol, Cloud found a trace that indicates that he’s taken refuge in her closet! […]

  • […] he’s on the run!  After activating Epsilon Protocol, Cloud found a trace that indicates that he’s taken refuge in her closet!  Storm offers to help them […]


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