Purin: So, Koko, why don’t you tell us something about yourself?

*No reply from Koko*

 Purin: Um, Koko-chan? We’re ready for you.

*Again no reply*

Purin: Koko-chan? Are you there?

Koko: Mr. Lollipop isn’t here yet.

Purin: Who’s Mr. Lollipop?

Koko: My lollipop. He’ll be here any moment now.

Purin: Is he cherry red?

Koko: Yes, why? Have you seen him?

Purin: You’re sucking on him.

*Koko pulls lollipop out of mouth, making a popping noise*

Koko: You mean this lollipop? This is just-

*Koko looks at lollipop*

Koko: Mr. Lollipop! What were you doing in my mouth?  *Whispers to lollipop*

Purin: Ok, so now that Mr. Lollipop is here, you can tell us something about yourself, Koko.

Koko: Well, I know how to sing the alphabet . . . Can I sing it for you?

Purin: Okaaay, you can sing it later, but right now we would like you to tell us something about yourself, alright?

Koko: I like pink and my favorite food is watermelon, and Mr. Lollipop likes jam. Peach jam. I also have an invisible pink puffly named Peach.

Purin: Um, Koko? What’s a puffly?

*No response. Koko is licking Mr. Lollipop again*

Purin: Koko? I’ll let you sing the alphabet if you tell me what a puffly is.

Koko: A puffly is a puffly pompom-like thing. Yay, it’s alphabet time!  *Sings gibberish*

*Emi Mayu barges into the room*

Emi Mayu: WHAT IS THAT NOISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Purin, quietly: That’s Koko singing the alphabet. Supposedly.

Emi Mayu: *Growls to herself* KOKO!!! STOP SINGING!!!


Emi Mayu: Koko. You do know that you just destroyed my sense of hearing right?!?

Koko: *Giggles* Um . . . Nope!

Emi Mayu: Ok, fine. I guess I’ll just have to pick you up and swing you around now. MWUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*Emi starts to walk over to Koko*

Koko: NONONONONO!!!!!!!!! RIVER! Emi’s going to swing me around until I throw up!!!

*River comes in on a flying saucer*

Everyone: Why are you on a flying saucer?!?

River: I was experimenting. Now Koko, what did you need?

Koko: Emi’s going to swing me around til I throw up! She said so!

Emi Mayu: Technically I only said I would swing you around. I didn’t say I would swing until you threw up.

River: Emi! Stop chasing Koko-chan around! Now!

*Cloud comes in*

Cloud: What’s all the noise about?

Koko: Waaa! Emi’s trying to swing me around until I puke!!!

Cloud:O-okay, since nobody n-needs me, I-I’ll be g-going now…

*Cloud flees*

Purin: So. I hope you enjoyed the post -_-;

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