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The Terror Within (Cloud’s Closet [Part Two])

“Time is out of joint-Oh cursed spite”-Hamlet


Really though.  This is a simple construct of the Studio.  I should really be able to just get through to the lower levels of the Studio.  But this blasted closet doesn’t END.  And the holes aren’t closing up above me they way they would in the Studio.  I should have counted the number of floors since I left behind the cancerous mass of Conscience and Evil.  Oh, well.  Let’s go with… twenty?  

Peanut:  HEY YOU TWO!!  *echoes*  or… maybe not.  *talks to self* To melt through more floors, or more exploring…  *sighs*  down we go again…  *twenty more floors down*


Peanut:  A… solid floor?  *hysterically*  WHAT MAGIC IS THIS!?!? oh.  A workshop.  That would explain the reinforced floor.  Wait!  A workshop!  Which means it’s probably *excited gasp* connected to the Studio web!  YES! *grabs apparently random objects and starts tinkering*



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The Terror Within (Cloud’s Closet)

Well, I’ve successfully (I think) avoided capture for almost a week now.  The past three days I’ve hidden in Cloud’s closet, exploring.  As far as I can tell the place is a monstrosity.  It is at least the size of a shopping mall, and the sector I am in is pitch dark, and smells of socks.  I’d attribute that to the large number of shoes in the area.  I’ve yet to see a way to the upper levels, but Cloud doesn’t seem the type of person to have this many shoes.  In her defense, at least her shoes/socks smell like chocolate.  There is another possibility to this.  It is possible that in the days before this, when I was in the kitchen, I permanently tainted my sense of smell.  I do suppose there are worse things to smell than chocolate, but I do not think it would work well with carrots, etc.

Conscience and Evil have fallen behind.  With no one but themselves to bounce their philosophies off of they have started to merge.  Even their features have started to merge, resulting in quite the nice mottled grey tone from Evil’s black robes and Conscience’s white.

Conglomerate:  Peanut!  I found a computer you could use!

Peanut:  What?  Oh.  Let’s see… *inspects*

Computer: Welcome… *scans fingers*… Peanut

Peanut:  aaah… Not my tech, not my problem.  *throws computer on the floor*  All better!

Conglomerate:  We detected a signal sent before you… terminated that.

It included an identification stream.    

Peanut:  aaah… and now it is my problem.  Time to move.                             

                        Through the floor, anyone? 

*melts through the floor in signature style* 

                        Shall we everyone? *runs off*



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Oh, well great…

Now that’s just great.  Now that there’s a warrant on me, I’m not sure what to do.  Do I post more often, to tease them?  Or do I take the smart route and, well, go into hiding.


Who am I kidding.  Come on guys, let’s go have some fun.


“Cry ‘Havoc’, and let slip the dogs of War…”

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To the dear St. Valentine…

Aah… the good Saint Valentine.  Patron saint of bees.  and epilepsy.  And the plague.  Nice guy, huh?  Besides that, I’m trying to do a bi-weekly post, because obviously weekly wasn’t working out.  I’m a busy IB student.  woot

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Watch out

Dear Readers and other minions,

We am sorry to inform you that your otherwise peaceful lives will be destroyed.  There has been a break out in the expirement lab, and we am informing you of a necessary lock down of your homes.  Be aware of yellow bodies, green monsters.  Green monsters explode and the yellow ones are just annoying.  Please go to your local bomb cellars for safety.  Updates will continue as possible.



P.S.- Failure to comply with this order will result in being evicted.


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The Great Out Doors…

Sorry bout the long wait for this, but I didn’t finish it before I went out. Now I’m back, and River’s FINALLY stopped yelling at me, but MAN! the things I saw out there… well got to go. Time to figure out what to do with my mind. Should be able to get the rest out soon.

An atypical day in the studio starts out even more unusually than normal.  Well, atypical at the Studio means fairly normal in other terms.  Oh, well…  Here’s the beginning.
Peanut, lying in bed at the beginning of the day:  *sigh*  I suppose I have to get up.
Conscience: Get up and seize the day!!
Evil:  Get up and kidnap the day for hostage money!!
Peanut:  Umm… guys, you can’t kidnap a day, much less for hostage money.
Evil: Oh.
*2 hours later, after breakfast*
Evil:  I propose for the day, we go outside!
Conscience: umm… Doesn’t River say we aren’t aloud out.  Shoot, we aren’t even allowed to open the front door!!
Peanut:  While you two argue over this, I’m going to ask if we can look outside.
Evil:  Why didn’t we think of that?
Conscience:  We were arguing.
Evil: Ya don’t say, dipwit. It was a rhetorical question.
*meanwhile, Peanut talks to River*
Peanut: RIVER!!!!
River: *appears instantly* What.
Peanut: Can I go outside?
River: You ask to go outside?!? NEVA!!!!!11!!!!1!!!
Peanut: Why?
River: *blink*blink* Ermm… well.. Hate ta break it to you, but there isn’t really.. any..thing..out.there…
Peanut: Exactly!!! I can go mess around out there and no one gets hurt!!
River: Umm..Peanut.. There is literally NOTHING out there, no ground, no air, nothing.
Peanut: Please recall: MAGIC STUDIO!
River: No.
*bout 2 hours later*
Peanut: C’mon you two.
Conscience: Where are we going?
Peanut: Outside!
Conscience: But River said-
Evil: *innocently* River’s working on her hovercraft.
Peanut: *smiles* She won’t even notice we left.
*In the hallway by the door*
Conscience: We really shouldn’t do this…
Peanut: Oh? And why’s that?
Conscience: Be-because River told you not to..
Peanut: So? If you didn’t notice, we more or less do our own things here!
Conscience: I DON’T WANNA DIE!!!!
Evil: *slight laugh, drools*
Peanut: Oh, don’t worry! I can sustain air around us! Besides, we’re in space suits remember?
Conscience: Still…
Evil faints
Conscience: *props Evil up, and turns his the air tank*
Peanut: Much better. I can feel the evilness flowing back to me. *opens door*

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Gangnam Style

Peanut: So our current project, folks! Guh…our current project. The folks at The Studio (except for Cloud, she refused) danced ‘Gangnum Style’ at Dot’s demand. We were dancing around like fools and generally failing. We have several cameo appearances from librarians, and River was taping it.

Cloud: . . . ‘dancing around like fools and generally failing’? . . . Peanut, your outlook about this is all wrong. You were not ‘dancing around like fools and generally failing’. You were learning ‘modern dance’.

Either way, I don’t want to do it. But since you clearly have a negative outlook on this project. . .
Click to continue reading.

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