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The internet hates us. TT_TT

Dear readers–picture, if you will, this scene. A meeting here at the Studio, with birds singing, the sun shining, Koko and Peanut plotting dastardly things behind our backs, and Emi and Purin squabbling like bad-tempered cats and dogs.

In other words, the usual. Now add to this scene a dutiful little member, booting up a computer with the good-natured intention of writing a post to assure you all that we have not, in fact, been disbanded*, fired by the higher ups**, or locked into my never-ending closet by Peanut***…


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Bonus Post: The Girls in Kimono!

Hello, all!

Here’s some more chibis from gen8’s deviantart game: This time, it’s the girls in kimono!

First up is River-chan!

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Hi, everyone!

Recently, we at the Studio found this really cool program made by gen8 on DeviantArt: the Chibi Maker 1.1!

It’s really fun, and I made chibis of everyone in the Studio!


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C-Cubed ‘Funny Hat Day’!

So, last Thursday, Dots decided declare it funny hat day. She told us to come to the meeting with funny hats. Interesting idea, no?

The hats ranged from Santa’s elves’ hats and furry brown hats to jackets that a couple of imaginative kids wrapped around their heads. Hey, you’ve got to give them an ‘A’ for effort!

We didn’t get much done that meeting (Dots brought out cookies and homemade cocoa), but we still had a lot of fun! And that’s what matters, right?

There was even talk of making Funny Hat Day a tradition for C-Cubed. Whether we will or not is still a mystery, however. . . XD


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Hi, guys!

Hello, everyone!

You’re probably wondering why you haven’t heard from us much recently. Well, now I’m going to tell you why! ❤

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Cloud’s Speciality: Ten Under Ten

Hi, everyone! Here’s this week’s Ten Under Ten! Enjoy! ❤

Purin: I’m not a fan of cheese in general so I won’t be judging :3


Chevré (Goat Cheese)

Cloud: Chevré is good–especially melted on top of bread.

Koko: Tibetan chevré is really nice.

Peanut: ? What about cars?

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Koko’s Revenge, Number 2: Peanut, I’d suggest begging for mercy. . . (part 4)

Well, here we are at the final installment of ‘Koko’s Revenge, Number 2’! Koko seems to have something dastardly up her sleeve. . . I wonder what it is? Only one way to find out. . .

Read Part one here, part 2 here, and part 3 here!


Koko: Anyway, I have your deepest darkest secret.

Peanut: Um. *looks around shiftily* I don’t have any secrets.

Koko: You mean. . . *cackles evilly* Mr. Fluffikins isn’t a secret. . . ? *cackles again*

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