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Deviantart Page!

EmiMayu announces something new and exciting.


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Just dumpin’ this here.

This is just me dumping a short story onto the blog so I don’t lose it.

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Awesome things that I like

In which Emi talks about science and cute fashion accessories.

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Stuff that is happening to people.

In which Emi says almost nothing about the club and rambles on about mental disorders.

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Stupid Hipster Shirts

Yui-Traitor has one. It’s sad, really. Not to mention jumping on the “I’m going to say I’m green, even though I’m really not” fad. Bet you ten bucks Yui doesn’t recycle. ARGH. These really bug me. Not that I’m “green”. I don’t recycle either, and I am the sort of person who thinks everyone is overreacting about global climate change.

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Yesterday I promised River I would make a new post, then I came home and promptly passed out. So here is my new post, a day late. A post of NOTHINGNESS. Blegh. I feel so uninspired.

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First Post

So I’ve never posted before. Yeah. Should I tell you guys a little about myself…? Well, I don’t have anything else to talk about, so I might as well.

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