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It’s Koko. We’ve been neglecting the blog for…Quite some time… Sorry about that. River, Cloud, Peanut, Purin, and the rest of us have been really busy lately. 😦

Currently, C-Cubed meetings are on hiatus for the summer. Dots is busy with a computer program for elementary-school kids, so the C-Cubed members are on our own. This is just a short post to let you know that we’re not dead and we’ll be posting more soon! I’ve got some new Chibi Chronicles in the works, so keep your eyes open.


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Ten Under Ten: Desserts

Today, Ten Under Ten is all about desserts, for lack of a better topic because Koko has gone insane all inspiration has been lost because I said so. No arguments. If you want to suggest something for us to review, my lovelies, comment below.

Anyway, desserts!


Koko: Macarons. *drool*

Cloud: Koko-chan, you must show me where they sell these ‘Macarons’. :3

River:  They look so delicious.  And so cute!

Peanut:  meh, sure just let me eat them.

Choco-chip Cookies

Koko: They’re really good when fresh and the chocolate is melty . . .

Cloud: Chocolate chip cookies are delicious! Ooh, I’ll go make some! *runs to the kitchen*

River:  Yes, Cloud’s making chocolate chip cookies!  My day is complete.

Peanut:  I am never eating one of those again…


Koko: So . . . Yummy . . .

Cloud: Fun Fact: Marshmallows used to be flavored from the marsh-mallow plant! :3

River: S’mores, anyone?

Peanut:  I am a complete geek, watch ghostbusters for why.


Koko: They’re not just for Christmas, you know.

Cloud: Mmmm. . .  Gingerbread is so nice!

River: You’re totally right, Koko!  Let’s have some after Cloud’s cookies!

Peanut:  *sings* Attack, of the killer Ginger


Ice Cream

Cloud: It’s just so nice and cold and delicious!

Koko: Ice cream . . . mmm . . .

River: Whoever first decided to freeze chocolate milk was brilliant.

Peanut:  I take melted ice cream baths.


Cloud: Oooh. . . Chocolate. . .

Koko: My sentiments exactly, Cloud.

River:  My love for chocolate cannot be expressed in words.

Peanut: NOMNOMNOMNOMNOMNOM.  *one word*


Cloud: These are really yummy!

Koko: I love soufflé.

River:  Cloud makes the best soufflé ever!

Peanut:  Blegh.

Fudge Bars

Cloud: Fudge Bars are so goooooood. . .

Koko: *gasp* Fudge baaars . . .

River:  See “Ice Cream,” above.

Peanut: *eats refrigerater to get to fudge*

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Blavatars. What?

Koko here. So, the subject of this post is a Blavatar. River kindly threatened me at Mysterious item point asked me to create a Blavatar for the blog.

Why? Because I did it for mine (after about two hours, mind). So, I picked the color, which is a teal to sort of match the blog theme I hope, and got working on the design. I had a bit of a freak out at one point because I couldn’t decide between doing green or teal.

And now we come to the real dilemma. I don’t know which font to use. So, due to my inability to just pick one and be done with it, Dots said I could post the two designs and have you vote for them. This means you, readers. So. Left or right. Comment on which one before I lose my mind.

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New animated turtles!

We have added two animated turtles to the blog! You can find them right below the blogroll and right above Categories. Also you can feed them by clicking somewhere close to their head. And they’ll follow your cursor. Plus they’re cute. They’re my replacement for Peanut, since he’s got volleyball. I can annoy them and they’ll never die! *evil laugh* If you’d like to add them to your blog, click here.

~ Koko

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A day of pie

Koko here. I was bored, so I thought about pie and wrote this short dialogue for you.

* * *

The Studio is quiet. Everyone is eating dinner, but one person is missing . . .

Peanut: Where is Koko? If she’s messing with my inventions again, I’ll–

River: Peanut! No violent words at the dinner table!

Peanut: But . . .

Purin: Ha ha ha ha ha . . . where is Koko? I wonder if she’s plotting evil things.

Cloud: *oblivious to the missing Koko* Where’s Peach?

Suddenly the door bursts open and Koko comes running in.

Cloud: Koko-chan! Do you happen to know where Peach is?

Koko: Making pies.

Cloud: Why is she making pies?

Koko: So I have enough to do . . . this! *whips out a pie and smacks Peanut in the face with it* MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

Purin: PIE ATTACK?! *ducks*

Koko: *unleashes a barrage of pies*

Purin: *cautiously peeks out from under the table and looks around* Wait, why is Cloud unpied?

Koko: Her aura of purity, remember?

Purin: Oh.

* * *

Well. That was . . . weird. Yep. Koko out.

To read this dialogue in black-and-white, click here!

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Detective Koko

Hello readers! Koko here with a new dialogue called Detective Koko! It involves glue, Peanut-clones, and a giant mustache. Read on!

* * *

Koko is in her room, looking for her laptop.

Koko: Where are you, computer?

She sees a corner of what appears to be her laptop under a bunch of old clothes.

Koko: Ah-ha!

Koko pulls it out from under the clothes. There seems to be a mysterious clear gel oozing out from between the cracks.

Koko: Huh? *touches the gel* What? This is sticky! *tries to open her laptop* My . . . computer . . . is . . . glued . . . shut! *thinks* PEANUT!!!

Koko races to Peanut’s room. Under the door, she sees rays of colored light shooting out and she hears a strange voice. She bangs on Peanut’s door.

Koko: PEANUT! Open up!

Peanut: *opens door a crack* What do you want, Koko? I’m really busy right now!

Koko: Did you glue my computer closed? *narrows eyes and looks suspiciously at Peanut*

Peanut: No . . . Why are you staring at me like that?

Koko: Admit it, Victor, you were the culprit!

Peanut: I didn’t do anything to your computer!

The strange voice seems to be trying to say something

Peanut: Sorry Koko, but I’m really busy right now! *slams door in Koko’s face*

Koko: Well, if Peanut didn’t do it, it must be EMI who committed the crime! *runs to Emi’s room*

Koko: *pounds on door* Emi! Open the door!

Emi opens the door, blasting out really loud music. Koko falls to the floor, trying to crawl away from the music while simultaneously covering her ears.

Koko: TURN THAT MUSIC OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emi: *turns music off* What do you need?

Koko: *gets up slowly* First of all, did you glue my computer shut? And second, why is the music so loud?!

Emi: I didn’t glue your computer shut, and the music is my defense against possible intruders.

Koko: Ok. Just . . . try to turn it down a little.

Emi: *ignores the last part and closes the door*

Koko: Hmm . . . If Emi didn’t do it, and Peanut didn’t do it, it must be River, Cloud, or Purin. Purin’s the closest, so I’ll question her first. *runs to Purin’s room*

Koko: PURIN!!! Open the door! I need to talk to you!

Purin: *opens door* Hey Koko! I just figured out a plan to prank Kuro-daisy! We’ll sneak into her room and dye all of her clothes hot pink!

Koko: I like that plan, but I need to ask you something. Did you glue my computer shut?

Purin: . . . Why would I glue your computer shut? You’re my evil partner.

Koko: True, but Peanut said he didn’t do it, and Emi said she didn’t do it, and I don’t think River did it because River wants me to post and I can’t post if I don’t have my computer. I also don’t think Cloud did it because Cloud’s . . . well, Cloud.

Purin: Well, you never know! Maybe you should ask them, just to be on the safe side.

Koko: But River’s working on something, which means she’ll get super-extremely-hugely grumpy if I bother her right now.

Purin: Well, wait till later to ask her then. *a pinging sound comes from her computer* Oh, my video loaded! Gotta go, Koko-chan! *closes door*

Koko runs to the kitchen and pounds on the door.

Koko: Cloud! Open the door!

Cloud is in the kitchen, happily baking cookies.

Cloud: What’s that? Did you hear something, Peach?

Peach: Brrrb!  *heart*

Cloud: You didn’t? Okay!

Koko: Cloud. Cloud. Cloud. *leans on the door* Cloud. Cloud. CLOUD. *picks the lock and runs in*

Koko: CLOUD!!!

Cloud: Chu!!! *spills cookies and whirls around* Koko-chan! You startled me!

Koko: Sorry. Now, did you glue my computer shut? *stares at Cloud.*

Cloud:  . . . Someone glued your computer shut?

Koko: . . . I’ll take that as a no. *continues staring at Cloud*

Cloud: . . . Koko-chan?

Koko: *Stares*

Cloud: . . . Koko-chan, if you want a cookie, you can just ask. *hands Koko a cookie*

Koko: *Om nom nom* Fhanks, Floud.

Cloud: . . . ?

Koko:  *ahem* Thanks, Cloud. How’d you know I wanted a cookie?

Cloud: . . . You just kept staring at me. What else would you want? *big, innocent eyes*

Koko: . . . I’ll go now. *runs to her room*

Cloud: Well, that was weird, right Peach?

Peach: Gaaaaaw.

Cloud: But the cookies aren’t done yet!

Peach: Mrrrrrrw.

Cloud: Yes, I know I gave Koko-chan a cookie, but that was the last cooked one.

Peach: Phhht.

Cloud: I’ll get right on it, Peach! *races to the pantry for more ingredients*

* * *

Koko runs to her room.

Koko: So, the suspects are Emi, Peanut, and Purin. *writes this down* I should investigate!

Koko runs out of her room only to see Peach staring quizzically at her.

Peach: Smmaw.

Koko: You’re right Peach, I can’t go investigating wearing this!

Koko runs into her room and reappears a second later, wearing a deerstalker hat and plaid cape, with a giant mustache stuck to her face and holding a large magnifying glass.

Koko: There!

Peach: Jjzzzt?

Koko: Yes, the giant mustache was necessary. Look, I even have one for you! *affixes smaller mustache to Peach* Brown is perfect for you! Now, on to the fun part!

Koko runs to Peanut’s room. Under the door, we see flashing strobe lights.

Koko: Hmm. It might not be such a good idea to bother Peanut right now . . . *runs to Purin’s room*

Koko: Purin! Cloud baked cookies! Plus, she said they’re just for you!

Purin: *head pops out* Cookies! Yay! *Purin runs downstairs*

Koko: Now to investigate Purin’s room! *goes inside*

Inside, Koko begins to search Purin’s drawers.  In one of the drawers, she sees a tube of E-6000 glue, partially uncapped and dripping slightly.

Koko: Ah ha! This tube of E-6000 glue was used recently. Very suspicious, very suspicious indeed. *writes this down* Now, on to Emi’s room!


Meanwhile, down at the kitchens:

Purin: *runs into the room* CLOUD!

Cloud: Chu!!! *drops tray* . . . Well. . . at least it wasn’t cookies this time. . . *forgets about the tray and whirls around* Purin-chan! You startled me. . . . .*sniff*

Purin: Sorry, Cloud. Anyway, where are my cookies? :3

Cloud: Cookies? They aren’t done yet. . . They’re still cooking.

Purin: But. . . But Koko-chan said that there was cookies. . . and that they were just for me. . . *sniff sniff*

Cloud: Ah! Don’t cry, Purin! *comforts Purin  while thinking aloud* And Koko-chan told you that the cookies were done? Hmm. . .


Back to Koko-chan:

Koko runs to Emi’s room. Wearing earplugs, she carefully opens the door. Emi is not inside.

Koko: Perfect timing! *starts to search her room*

Koko comes across a half-empty small-sized tube of superglue.

Koko: Ah-HA! This superglue has been used recently, judging from the small amount of glue oozing out of the cap. Very suspicious, very suspicious indeed! *writes this down* Now on to Peanut’s room! *runs to Peanut’s room*

Koko: *knocks on the door*

Peanut: *from inside the room* GO AWAY PERSON-WHO-IS-KNOCKING-ON-THE-DOOR!


Peanut: NO!!!

Koko: Ok, but I get to eat all your cookies! And they’re chocolate chip!

Peanut: *kicks down the door* COOKIES?! THEY’RE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs off*

Koko: Hee. Now to investigate Peanut’s room!

* * *

Meanwhile, down in the kitchen:

Peanut: COOKIES! *barges into the kitchen*

Cloud: Chu!!! *drops a freshly-washed tray* . . . I just finished cleaning that. . . *whirls around* PEANUT! LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!!! I JUST FINISHED WASHING THAT TRAY!!! I SHOULD- *slaps a hand over her mouth* . . . Purin, Peanut made me get angry. . . *sobs on Purin’s shoulder*

Peanut: *completely disregarding the sobbing Cloud* ME WANT COOKIES!!!! *stomps around, making a huge amount of noise*

Cloud: *shouting over Peanut’s din* WELL, THEY AREN’T DONE YET.

Peanut: *stops stomping* . . .They aren’t?

Cloud: No. They aren’t.

Peanut: But Koko said-

Cloud: Koko again? Hmm. . .

Purin: What is it, Cloud?

Cloud: I’ve got it! I know why Koko-chan keeps sending people to me for cookies!

Purin: What, is she trying to distract us while she searches our rooms and tries to find out who glued her computer shut or something?

Cloud: *blinks* . . .Why would Koko-chan do something like that? No, poor Koko-chan thinks that the cookies are done! Silly Koko-chan!


Back to Koko-chan:

Koko walks into Peanut’s room and is greeted with two people that look exactly like Peanut.

Koko: Who are you guys? Peanut’s downstairs. . . are you his clones or something?

Peanut Clone 1: I am no clone! I am Peanut’s conscience!

Peanut Clone 2: Watch who you call a clone, girly. I am Dark, evil ruler of the world! MUAHAHAHA-

Conscience: *smacks Peanut Clone 2 in the back of the head*Stop exaggerating, Evil Side. *to Koko* This is the Evil Side of Peanut. Don’t trust him. Unfortunately, he is also the one who Peanut listens to most of the time. *sob sob*

Koko: Uh . . . Hi. Anyway, did Evil Side convince Peanut to glue my computer shut?

Conscience: *gasp* You found out?! I told them nothing good would come from doing that! *smacks Evil Side again*

Evil Side: Hey, it was a good idea!

Koko: So. . . do you have the glue he used?

Conscience: *sees Evil Side hiding something behind his back* What have you got there, Evil Side? *reaches behind him and grabs the tube of glue* Here you go! *hands the glue to Koko*

Evil Side: But I wasn’t done with that! I was gonna use it to *quickly shuts mouth*

Koko: Yes? Yes?

Conscience: *pulls Evil Side’s mouth open* Come on, Evil Side. Out with it!

Evil Side: Well, I was gonna glue Emi’s headphones to the ceiling, Purin’s notebook shut, and River’s hovercraft to the floor.

Koko: . . . What about Cloud?

Evil Side: . . . Unfortunately, Cloud’s aura of purity does not let me anywhere near her.

Conscience: Yes, she’s just lovely, isn’t she?

Koko: *sighs* Conscience must have such an easy job.

Conscience: Actually, being a conscience, particularly Peanut’s conscience, entails a lot of work. I’m always trying to get his attention, stop him from being evil and I have to control Evil Side.

Koko: . . . Actually, I have to go unglue my computer now. Bye! *runs away*


At Koko-chan’s room:

Koko: Unglue, darn it! *bangs on her computer*

Conscience: I don’t think that will help.

Koko: Gah! Conscience! What are you doing here?

Conscience: I wanted to help. Can I see the computer?

Koko: . . . Sure. Here. *Hands Conscience the computer*

Conscience: Aha! *does some magical stuff* Here you are! *Hands Koko her un-glued computer*

Koko: . . . You know Conscience, I think that you and Cloud would get along reeeaaaallly well.

Conscience: *gasps* Why, thank you! Well, I have to go back to Peanut’s room now.

Koko: Okay. Bye, Conscience.

Peach: Gleeeeep ooogz!

Koko: Peach says ‘The End!’

* * *


Don’t like to read in color?  Find the Black-and-White Version here.

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Of Photoshop and posting

Hi all. Koko here. River’s making me post because there’s no one else and she’s too busy to do it herself. Today there are five new people here, all learning either Scratch or Photoshop. Purin, Kuro-pompom, River, and Cloud are all AWOL today. Peanut is hiding in the corner using Scratch. I’ve had to teach three different people how to use Photoshop already. Koko is tired.

On the missing Kuro-fluffy; She’s been missing since . . . A long time. We think she was abducted by a spy school and taken to a remote country, forced to train as a spy. That spy school will need a lot of luck. Take a look below.

* * *

Head Spy: Now, Trainee #195002, be good and eat your lunch!


Head Spy: It’s not mud. It’s mashed oatmeal. And it is too edible. *takes a bite of the oatmeal and makes a face*

Emi: I HATE OATMEAL!!!!! *dumps bowl onto the Head Spy’s head*

Head Spy: *wipes oatmeal out of eyes* Well, what do you want to eat for breakfast, then?


Head Spy: We  have told you, Trainee #195002, you are being punished, so you cannot have waffles!

Emi: I WANT WAFFLES!!! *dumps brown sugar on the Head Spy’s head*

Head Spy: For the last time, #195002, YOU CAN’T HAVE–

Emi: *transforms into the Incredible Hulk* WAFFLES!!!!! *stomps into the kitchen demanding waffles, while the Head Spy runs after her*

* * *

Well , that was . . . interesting. So long! Peach, wave good bye! *Peach stares blankly* Oh, I’m sorry, I meant blrrbugg. *Peach waves* Oh and River, Peach says good luck on your test!

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