StormCloud Introduction Dialogue (Black-and-White)

Cloud:  Greetings, fellow cheese-lovers!  Wait, what do you mean you don’t like cheese?  *big eyes*  Everyone likes cheese!  Right?  Right?!

River:  Ahem.

Cloud: Oh.  Sorry, River.  Anyway, like I was saying, my name is StormCloud!  But you can call me Cloud–everyone does.

As you can probably tell, I love cheese.  *thinks*  And chocolate.   Mmmm, chocolate. . . .

River:  Cloud?  C-cloud?

No response.  Cloud is lost in her own little world.

River:  CLOUD!  Snap out of it!

Cloud: GIANT CHOCOLATE BAR!!!  Oh–whatzat?  Sorry.  Got carried away there for a minute.

River:  C-cloud?  What exactly do you dream about. . . ?  Ah, never mind.  The introduction, remember?

Cloud: Introduction?  What’s an introduction?  New type of cheese?

Oh, yeah.  I remember now.  Anyways, I love cheese, chocolate. . . mmm, chocolate. . . and teddy bears.  And fancy dresses.  And–

River:  Okay, time’s up.  Say goodbye to your readers, Cloud!


River:  Cloud?

No response. . . again.

River:  Cloud!  Snap out of it!

Cloud:  GIANT TEDDY BEARS!!!  Huh?  I fell asleep again, didn’t I?

River:  Seriously, Cloud, what do you dream about?

Cloud:  *blink*  Giant teddy bears.  I thought that was obvious.  Anyway, it’s tea time!  Bye-bye, readers!

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