A day of pie (Black-and-White)

Koko here. I was bored, so I thought about pie and wrote this short dialogue for you.

* * *

The Studio is quiet. Everyone is eating dinner, but one person is missing . . .

Peanut: Where is Koko? If she’s messing with my inventions again, I’ll–

River: Peanut! No violent words at the dinner table!

Peanut: But . . .

Purin: Ha ha ha ha ha . . . where is Koko? I wonder if she’s plotting evil things.

Cloud: *oblivious to the missing Koko* Where’s Peach?

Suddenly the door bursts open and Koko comes running in.

Cloud: Koko-chan! Do you happen to know where Peach is?

Koko: Making pies.

Cloud: Why is she making pies?

Koko: So I have enough to do . . . this! *whips out a pie and smacks Peanut in the face with it* MUAHAHAHAHAHA!

Purin: PIE ATTACK?! *ducks*

Koko: *unleashes a barrage of pies*

Purin: *cautiously peeks out from under the table and looks around* Wait, why is Cloud unpied?

Koko: Her aura of purity, remember?

Purin: Oh.

* * *

Well. That was . . . weird. Yep. Koko out.

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