Cloud Has an Unexpected Visitor (Black-and-White)

Cloud is in the kitchen, baking cookies for everyone.

Cloud: La la la . . . *drops a tray*

Cloud: Oops! Oh well, at least no cookies were on it. *bends down to pick it up*

Cloud sees the tray moving around.

Cloud: Ahh!!! W-what’s that?!

Cloud gingerly bends down and picks up the tray. Under the tray is a small, moving pom-pom-like object the color of pink cotton candy.

Cloud: A-are you OK, l-little guy?

The object stops moving and turns to face Cloud. Cloud can now see little eyes peeking out at her, which were previously hidden under its long fur.

Cloud: Y-you must be lost. *thinks for a second* Oh, I know now! You’re Koko’s pink puffly which we’ve been looking for the last few days!

Cloud quickly bends down to pick up the puffly, having forgotten about the cookie tray. The puffly is startled and runs to hide behind the table leg.

Cloud: Oops. *thinks again* Hmm . . . *she walks over to the oven* Oh, my cookies are done!

She pulls on an oven mitt and opens the door, releasing the smell of two dozen chocolate chip cookies.

Cloud: Yep, they’re done all right. *She puts the tray down on the table and picks a cookie up, then bends down.*

Cloud: Oh, puffly, don’t you want a cookie?

The puffly looks at the cookie, looks at her, then looks back at the cookie.

Cloud: Come on, I won’t hurt you. *waves cookie in the air, releasing the smell of freshly baked cookie even more*

The puffly takes a few steps out, then runs to the cookie, jumps into Cloud’s hand and begins to eat. Cloud begins to gently pet the puffly, which stops eating and tries to snuggle into her hand.

Cloud: *giggles* I bet you’re tired after all that running around, right? Come on. *cups hands around puffly*

Cloud hears evil laughter.

Cloud: Muahahahaha. . . ?

Cloud follows the sound of evil laughter to the living room, where she sees Koko and Purin crouched down next to Peanut, who is snoring on the floor.

Cloud: Uh-oh. What did you two do . . . ?

Purin: Uhh . . . We’re not telling you.

Cloud: *sniffle* Okay. . . Come on, puffly, let’s go eat more cookies, since they don’t want to tell us what they’re doing. . . *sniff*

Koko and Purin look at Cloud’s cupped hands. Peeking out from between her fingers are tufts of pink fur. They turn their backs to Cloud and whisper to each other.

Cloud: . . . ?

Koko and Purin turn back around.

Purin: We have decided to tell you what we’re doing, BUT you cannot tell this to River, Emi or Peanut. It must be kept secret.

Cloud: *startled* W-well, I can’t promise anything. . . *in a small voice* I mean, if it’s something really bad, I’ll have to tell River. . .

Purin: *completely disregarding the last bit* Alright. We’re testing out a sleeping potion that can be made to taste like anything in the world. We just fed it to Peanut in a cupcake, which is why he’s snoring. The sleeping potion also lets us control him, and since he’s anti-mind control, the potion is actually controlling his body. So we can make him do anything! Also-

Cloud: Stop! That’s enough, o-okay?

Koko: Sorry, Cloud, but you were the one who asked . . .

Cloud: Well, anyway, h-here’s your puffly back, Koko. We had a good time together. Right, Puffly?

Koko: Thanks for looking after him, Cloud! You know, if you want, you can visit him sometimes. You can even help us test out our new invention! Since Peanut can see Peach the puffly, we’re trying to make Peach invisible so that we can . . .

Cloud flees, back to the kitchen so she doesn’t have to listen to any more evilness. Koko continues talking.

Purin: You know she left, right, Koko?

Koko: Huh? Oh. So . . . How long do you think the potion will last, and how long do you think it will be before Peanut notices that mustache you drew on his face . . .

Purin: I don’t know, but let’s get out of here. He’s starting to move a little . . .

Purin and Koko run out of the room, laughing evilly. Peanut sits up.

Peanut: Hmm? For a second there, I thought I heard the sound of evil laughter . . . Oh well.

Peanut goes to his room. Once inside, he notices what looks like a mustached face on his control panel for a robot.

Peanut: What’s that face doing on my control panel? *tries to wipe it off*

Peanut: Wait a second, that’s MY face!!! *thinks for a second* KOKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Koko: Uh, Purin? I think he just noticed the mustache.

Purin: Yep. Let’s get out of here! *Runs by Cloud and grabs a cookie*

Koko: Hey, wait for me! *also grabs a cookie from a startled Cloud*

Cloud: . . . ?

Peanut runs down the staircase.

Peanut: WHERE ARE THEY?!?!?

Cloud: Chu . . .

Peanut: Never mind. I see the trail of crumbs. *Grabs a cookie from Cloud and runs off*

Cloud: G-guys? You do know that I would have given you a cookie, right. . . ?

To be continued. . .

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