Detective Koko Diagalogue (Black-and-White)

Koko is in her room, looking for her laptop.

Koko: Where are you, computer?

She sees a corner of what appears to be her laptop under a bunch of old clothes.

Koko: Ah-ha!

Koko pulls it out from under the clothes. There seems to be a mysterious clear gel oozing out from between the cracks.

Koko: Huh? *touches the gel* What? This is sticky! *tries to open her laptop* My . . . computer . . . is . . . glued . . . shut! *thinks* PEANUT!!!

Koko races to Peanut’s room. Under the door, she sees rays of colored light shooting out and she hears a strange voice. She bangs on Peanut’s door.

Koko: PEANUT! Open up!

Peanut: *opens door a crack* What do you want, Koko? I’m really busy right now!

Koko: Did you glue my computer closed? *narrows eyes and looks suspiciously at Peanut*

Peanut: No . . . Why are you staring at me like that?

Koko: Admit it, Victor, you were the culprit!

Peanut: I didn’t do anything to your computer!

The strange voice seems to be trying to say something

Peanut: Sorry Koko, but I’m really busy right now! *slams door in Koko’s face*

Koko: Well, if Peanut didn’t do it, it must be EMI who committed the crime! *runs to Emi’s room*

Koko: *pounds on door* Emi! Open the door!

Emi opens the door, blasting out really loud music. Koko falls to the floor, trying to crawl away from the music while simultaneously covering her ears.

Koko: TURN THAT MUSIC OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emi: *turns music off* What do you need?

Koko: *gets up slowly* First of all, did you glue my computer shut? And second, why is the music so loud?!

Emi: I didn’t glue your computer shut, and the music is my defense against possible intruders.

Koko: Ok. Just . . . try to turn it down a little.

Emi: *ignores the last part and closes the door*

Koko: Hmm . . . If Emi didn’t do it, and Peanut didn’t do it, it must be River, Cloud, or Purin. Purin’s the closest, so I’ll question her first. *runs to Purin’s room*

Koko: PURIN!!! Open the door! I need to talk to you!

Purin: *opens door* Hey Koko! I just figured out a plan to prank Kuro-daisy! We’ll sneak into her room and dye all of her clothes hot pink!

Koko: I like that plan, but I need to ask you something. Did you glue my computer shut?

Purin: . . . Why would I glue your computer shut? You’re my evil partner.

Koko: True, but Peanut said he didn’t do it, and Emi said she didn’t do it, and I don’t think River did it because River wants me to post and I can’t post if I don’t have my computer. I also don’t think Cloud did it because Cloud’s . . . well, Cloud.

Purin: Well, you never know! Maybe you should ask them, just to be on the safe side.

Koko: But River’s working on something, which means she’ll get super-extremely-hugely grumpy if I bother her right now.

Purin: Well, wait till later to ask her then. *a pinging sound comes from her computer* Oh, my video loaded! Gotta go, Koko-chan! *closes door*

Koko runs to the kitchen and pounds on the door.

Koko: Cloud! Open the door!

Cloud is in the kitchen, happily baking cookies.

Cloud: What’s that? Did you hear something, Peach?

Peach: Brrrb!  *heart*

Cloud: You didn’t? Okay!

Koko: Cloud. Cloud. Cloud. *leans on the door* Cloud. Cloud. CLOUD. *picks the lock and runs in*

Koko: CLOUD!!!

Cloud: Chu!!! *spills cookies and whirls around* Koko-chan! You startled me!

Koko: Sorry. Now, did you glue my computer shut? *stares at Cloud.*

Cloud:  . . . Someone glued your computer shut?

Koko: . . . I’ll take that as a no. *continues staring at Cloud*

Cloud: . . . Koko-chan?

Koko: *Stares*

Cloud: . . . Koko-chan, if you want a cookie, you can just ask. *hands Koko a cookie*

Koko: *Om nom nom* Fhanks, Floud.

Cloud: . . . ?

Koko:  *ahem* Thanks, Cloud. How’d you know I wanted a cookie?

Cloud: . . . You just kept staring at me. What else would you want? *big, innocent eyes*

Koko: . . . I’ll go now. *runs to her room*

Cloud: Well, that was weird, right Peach?

Peach: Gaaaaaw.

Cloud: But the cookies aren’t done yet!

Peach: Mrrrrrrw.

Cloud: Yes, I know I gave Koko-chan a cookie, but that was the last cooked one.

Peach: Phhht.

Cloud: I’ll get right on it, Peach! *races to the pantry for more ingredients*

* * *

Koko runs to her room.

Koko: So, the suspects are Emi, Peanut, and Purin. *writes this down* I should investigate!

Koko runs out of her room only to see Peach staring quizzically at her.

Peach: Smmaw.

Koko: You’re right Peach, I can’t go investigating wearing this!

Koko runs into her room and reappears a second later, wearing a deerstalker hat and plaid cape, with a giant mustache stuck to her face and holding a large magnifying glass.

Koko: There!

Peach: Jjzzzt?

Koko: Yes, the giant mustache was necessary. Look, I even have one for you! *affixes smaller mustache to Peach* Brown is perfect for you! Now, on to the fun part!

Koko runs to Peanut’s room. Under the door, we see flashing strobe lights.

Koko: Hmm. It might not be such a good idea to bother Peanut right now . . . *runs to Purin’s room*

Koko: Purin! Cloud baked cookies! Plus, she said they’re just for you!

Purin: *head pops out* Cookies! Yay! *Purin runs downstairs*

Koko: Now to investigate Purin’s room! *goes inside*

Inside, Koko begins to search Purin’s drawers.  In one of the drawers, she sees a tube of E-6000 glue, partially uncapped and dripping slightly.

Koko: Ah ha! This tube of E-6000 glue was used recently. Very suspicious, very suspicious indeed. *writes this down* Now, on to Emi’s room!


Meanwhile, down at the kitchens:

Purin: *runs into the room* CLOUD!

Cloud: Chu!!! *drops tray* . . . Well. . . at least it wasn’t cookies this time. . . *forgets about the tray and whirls around* Purin-chan! You startled me. . . . .*sniff*

Purin: Sorry, Cloud. Anyway, where are my cookies? :3

Cloud: Cookies? They aren’t done yet. . . They’re still cooking.

Purin: But. . . But Koko-chan said that there was cookies. . . and that they were just for me. . . *sniff sniff*

Cloud: Ah! Don’t cry, Purin! *comforts Purin  while thinking aloud* And Koko-chan told you that the cookies were done? Hmm. . .


Back to Koko-chan:

Koko runs to Emi’s room. Wearing earplugs, she carefully opens the door. Emi is not inside.

Koko: Perfect timing! *starts to search her room*

Koko comes across a half-empty small-sized tube of superglue.

Koko: Ah-HA! This superglue has been used recently, judging from the small amount of glue oozing out of the cap. Very suspicious, very suspicious indeed! *writes this down* Now on to Peanut’s room! *runs to Peanut’s room*

Koko: *knocks on the door*

Peanut: *from inside the room* GO AWAY PERSON-WHO-IS-KNOCKING-ON-THE-DOOR!


Peanut: NO!!!

Koko: Ok, but I get to eat all your cookies! And they’re chocolate chip!

Peanut: *kicks down the door* COOKIES?! THEY’RE MINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *runs off*

Koko: Hee. Now to investigate Peanut’s room!

* * *

Meanwhile, down in the kitchen:

Peanut: COOKIES! *barges into the kitchen*

Cloud: Chu!!! *drops a freshly-washed tray* . . . I just finished cleaning that. . . *whirls around* PEANUT! LOOK WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!!! I JUST FINISHED WASHING THAT TRAY!!! I SHOULD- *slaps a hand over her mouth* . . . Purin, Peanut made me get angry. . . *sobs on Purin’s shoulder*

Peanut: *completely disregarding the sobbing Cloud* ME WANT COOKIES!!!! *stomps around, making a huge amount of noise*

Cloud: *shouting over Peanut’s din* WELL, THEY AREN’T DONE YET.

Peanut: *stops stomping* . . .They aren’t?

Cloud: No. They aren’t.

Peanut: But Koko said-

Cloud: Koko again? Hmm. . .

Purin: What is it, Cloud?

Cloud: I’ve got it! I know why Koko-chan keeps sending people to me for cookies!

Purin: What, is she trying to distract us while she searches our rooms and tries to find out who glued her computer shut or something?

Cloud: *blinks* . . .Why would Koko-chan do something like that? No, poor Koko-chan thinks that the cookies are done! Silly Koko-chan!


Back to Koko-chan:

Koko walks into Peanut’s room and is greeted with two people that look exactly like Peanut.

Koko: Who are you guys? Peanut’s downstairs. . . are you his clones or something?

Peanut Clone 1: I am no clone! I am Peanut’s conscience!

Peanut Clone 2: Watch who you call a clone, girly. I am Dark, evil ruler of the world! MUAHAHAHA-

Conscience: *smacks Peanut Clone 2 in the back of the head*Stop exaggerating, Evil Side. *to Koko* This is the Evil Side of Peanut. Don’t trust him. Unfortunately, he is also the one who Peanut listens to most of the time. *sob sob*

Koko: Uh . . . Hi. Anyway, did Evil Side convince Peanut to glue my computer shut?

Conscience: *gasp* You found out?! I told them nothing good would come from doing that! *smacks Evil Side again*

Evil Side: Hey, it was a good idea!

Koko: So. . . do you have the glue he used?

Conscience: *sees Evil Side hiding something behind his back* What have you got there, Evil Side? *reaches behind him and grabs the tube of glue* Here you go! *hands the glue to Koko*

Evil Side: But I wasn’t done with that! I was gonna use it to *quickly shuts mouth*

Koko: Yes? Yes?

Conscience: *pulls Evil Side’s mouth open* Come on, Evil Side. Out with it!

Evil Side: Well, I was gonna glue Emi’s headphones to the ceiling, Purin’s notebook shut, and River’s hovercraft to the floor.

Koko: . . . What about Cloud?

Evil Side: . . . Unfortunately, Cloud’s aura of purity does not let me anywhere near her.

Conscience: Yes, she’s just lovely, isn’t she?

Koko: *sighs* Conscience must have such an easy job.

Conscience: Actually, being a conscience, particularly Peanut’s conscience, entails a lot of work. I’m always trying to get his attention, stop him from being evil and I have to control Evil Side.

Koko: . . . Actually, I have to go unglue my computer now. Bye! *runs away*


At Koko-chan’s room:

Koko: Unglue, darn it! *bangs on her computer*

Conscience: I don’t think that will help.

Koko: Gah! Conscience! What are you doing here?

Conscience: I wanted to help. Can I see the computer?

Koko: . . . Sure. Here. *Hands Conscience the computer*

Conscience: Aha! *does some magical stuff* Here you are! *Hands Koko her un-glued computer*

Koko: . . . You know Conscience, I think that you and Cloud would get along reeeaaaallly well.

Conscience: *gasps* Why, thank you! Well, I have to go back to Peanut’s room now.

Koko: Okay. Bye, Conscience.

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Peach: Gleeeeep ooogz!

Koko: Peach says ‘The End!’


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