Happy 2nd Birthday! (Black-and-White)

Hi, everybody! Cloud here! Guess what? Last Thursday was C-Cubed’s Second Birthday! Yup, it’s been going on for two years! Pretty cool, huh? And we even get an awesome sketch to celebrate!

Emi-kun: "What is this thing. . . ?"

Isn’t it adorable? ❤

Isn’t it just adorable? Emi is completely puzzled about Peach(since she’s never met her before. . . ), but little does she know that Purin is sneaking up on her. . . River says that she’ll post the colored version later.

Anyway, since it was C-Cubed’s birthday, I thought that I’d go around and see what everyone’s sentiments about it are! Let’s start with Koko.

~Asking Koko~

Cloud: Hi, Koko! Do you have any sentiments about C-Cubed being two years old?

Koko: . . . We need cake.

Cloud: Cake? We actually do have cake. . . I baked a cake a while ago. It’s cooling in the kitchen.

Koko: Ooh. *drools*

Cloud: . . . But it’s not ready yet. I’ll frost it after I finish asking people about their sentiments. :3

Koko:  . . . Can I have the extra frosting, if there’s any?

Cloud: . . . But won’t that give you cavities?

Koko: But . . . pleeeaaaseee?!

Cloud: Well. . . Okay. But make sure you brush your teeth afterwards!

Koko: Yay! *runs off in joy*

Cloud: Koko-chan?! Wait, Koko-chan! You never answered my question~!


Well, Koko-chan was more focused on the cake than the sentiments. . . Maybe Peanut will have sentiments. Let’s go ask him!

~Asking Peanut~

Cloud: Hi, Peanut! So I’m going around and asking everyone about their sentiments about C-Cubed’s birthday!!  What are yours?

Peanut: I don’t have sentiments.

Cloud: . . . You don’t?

Peanut: I don’t.

Cloud: . . . Right. Well, then. . . CONSCIENCE!!!Could you come here, please? ❤

Conscience appears in a puff of smoke.

Conscience: What can I do for you, Cloud-san?

Peanut: . . . Cloud-san?

Cloud: *ignoring Peanut* I’m asking everyone about their sentiments on C-Cubed’s second birthday! Do you have any sentiments?

Conscience: *also ignoring Peanut* It’s C-Cubed’s second birthday? My! Time does fly, doesn’t it? I think that it’s just wonderful the way that you’ve all worked so hard over these two years!

Evil Side: Blech. That was totally sappy, Conscience.

Conscience: Be quiet, Evil Side.

Cloud: Thanks for your sentiments, Conscience!

Conscience: You are very welcome!


Huh. I suppose that that wasn’t really Peanut’s sentiments, since I asked Conscience. . . oh well. Let’s ask River next! :3

~Asking River~

Cloud: Hi, River! What are your sentiments on C-Cubed’s second birthday?

River:  It’s pretty cool that we’ve lasted two whole years.  I’d suggest a party, but. . . .

Cloud: ? But what? Parties are fun! And we’ve all been working really hard lately! :3

River: Really?  Then explain to me why Koko is just sitting there drooling.

Cloud: W-well, she wants to eat frosting. (A-are you m-mad at me, River-san?)

River: . . . Frosting?

Cloud: Uh-huh. Frosting. (Does this mean that you aren’t mad at me?)

River: You baked a cake?

Cloud: Uh-huh!

River: Well, that does it.  Everyone’s going to be too hyper to concentrate once you bring that thing out.  And you know what that means!  Party time!

Cloud: Okay! I’ll tell the others!


So talking with River showed that she’s happy about it! She also decided that we can have a party! Woohoo! But first, I’ve got to talk to the others. Dots is next!

 ~Asking Dots~

Cloud: Hi, Dots! What are your sentiments on C-Cubed being two years old now?

Dots: It’s C-Cubed’s birthday?

Cloud: Yup! :3

Dots: We need a cake.

Cloud: We have a cake! I baked one earlier, but I still need to frost it.

Dots: I want chocolate frosting.

Cloud: Ooh, chocolate. . . Okay! But I don’t know if we have any chocolate frosting. . .

Dots: Well, lets go find some! *runs off*

Cloud: Ah! Wait, Dots! You haven’t answered my question either~!!! Oh, and River says we’re having a party!!!!!!


It’s funny how Koko’s and Dots’s reactions were so similar. . . well, there are two more people to ask. Oh, look, there’s JJ!

~Asking JJ~

Cloud: Hi, JJ! Did you know that it’s C-Cubed’s second birthday today? Do you have any sentiments? (Please don’t be random today. . . )

JJ: Potato.

Cloud: . . . You’re going to be very random, aren’t you? *resigned*

JJ: Mayyyyyybe.

Cloud: Ah-ha! You weren’t terribly random just then! *celebrates*

JJ: Pickle juice.

Cloud: *celebration grinds to a halt* . . . Aaaaaannnd. . . there you go again. Right. Well, bye, JJ. Oh, and River says that we can have a party.


Why is JJ so random? I really wonder sometimes. . . Well, let’s go see what Emi and Purin think!

~Asking Emi and Purin~

Cloud: . . . Emi!

There is no response.


There is no response. . . again.

Cloud: Where is she? *uses magical powers of magical-ness to try to locate Emi* . . . huh. She isn’t in the Studio. . . Where could she be? Well, maybe I can find Purin.

Cloud now uses her magical powers of magical-ness to try to find Purin.

Cloud: She isn’t in the Studio either. . . ? Well, maybe I missed her. . . Let’s see. . . *takes a deep breath* PURIN-CHAN! PURIN, I BAKED A CAKE! AND RIVER SAYS THAT WE CAN HAVE A PARTY!!!

River: What’s all the shouting about, Cloud?

Cloud: I’m trying to find Purin, but she just won’t come! *tears* I even said that I baked a cake, and even that didn’t get her to come!

River: Is she even in the Studio?

Cloud: I don’t know. . .

River: Well, only one way to be sure. . . *deep breath* PURIN! WE HAVE POCKY!

There is no response.

River: Well, that settles it. Purin isn’t in the Studio.

Cloud: H-how do you know, River?

River: If she was, the Pocky would have brought her running.

Cloud: O-oh.


Well, that was a lot of fun! Even though River and Conscience were pretty much the only ones who actually had sentiments. . . Oh well. Eh? What’s that? You’re wondering what my sentiments are? Teehee! That’s a secret! ❤

Well, bye for now! I’ve got a party to go join!


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