New Year’s Resolution Dialogue (Black-and-White)

Today was the first meeting of the year.  And one of the first things that Dots asked us was what our New Year’s Resolutions were!  And here they are.

Dots: Let’s start with Emi.  What’s your New Year’s Resolution, Emi?

Emi: *complete deadpan* My New Year’s resolution is to be nicer to people.

Everyone else: . . .

Dots:  Well, what about you, Koko?  Any resolutions?

Koko:  I promise not to suck Mr. Lollipop as much as I did.

River: *looks up*  O-kay.  So what are you eating now?

Koko:  Huh?  This?  It’s just a candy–Mr. Lollipop!  What were you doing there?

River: . . .

Dots:  W-well, what about you, River?

River: Me?  Hm, let’s see. . .

Dots: *waiting* . . .

Dots: . . .

Dots: . . . Don’t think too hard about it.

Purin walks in.

Cloud: Dots! Dots! I’ll tell you mine!

Dots: Really?  What is it?

Cloud: *completely serious* My resolution is to be nicer to everybody!  Like Emi-kun!

Purin: How is that even possible?

Dots:  Oh, hi, Purin! What’s your resolution?

Purin:  I don’t plan on having a resolution.

Dots: . . . *puppy dog eyes*

Purin: S-stop giving me that look. . . !  Fine, fine, I resolve to be nicer to Kuro-daisy.


Purin: To Emi-kun!  Emi-kun!

Peanut: Hah!

Purin:  *huffy* Well, what about you?

Peanut: *deadpan* I resolve to make a ppc.

Cloud: What’s a ppc?

Peanut: A particle projection cannon.

Cloud: Oh, that’s nice.

Everyone: *looks of horror* Peanut’s dangerous!

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