Peanut’s Introduction Dialogue (Black-and-White)

Cloud:*flustered* . . .U-um . . . H-hi! I-I’m C-c-cloud and today w-we’re s-s-supposed to talk w-with P-p-p-p-peanut, b-but he’s late. . .

Peanut: *from behind a curtain* I’m not going out there.

Cloud: *sob* B-but Victor… You prroommiisseedd!

Peanut: STOP CALLING ME VICTOR!!! And who cares about promises, I’m not going out there in a peanut suit!

Emi: Victor, you promised!!! If you break your promise, Cloud will cry.


Purin: And you know how much the Magic Studio-sama loves Cloud-chi, Victor. Make Cloud cry, make the wrath of the magic studio fall upon you!!

Peanut: Ummm . . .

And then Koko comes into the room wearing a ballerina outfit, complete with a pink tutu.

Koko: Oh, Emi-sama! How I adore you! Please, please allow this unworthy Koko to be your servant eternally!!!

Peanut: Ummmm… *sings quietly to self* Creepy people, everywhere…

Koko: Please, master Emi-sama, allow me to cook for you, and clean for you, and sleep only when you command!

Emi: So. . . What, you’d be my servant? Like, literally my servant?

Koko dashes out of the room, and comes back wearing a pink headdress, to match her tutu, and kneels down to Emi, touching her forehead to Emi’s feet.

Peanut: *stepping out of room* I’m going to get out of this before they remember me…

Koko: Allow this unworthy servant to leave for a moment, Master Emi-sama!

Emi: *starting to enjoy this* Very well, my servant. But be quick!

Koko leaves, and then comes back balanced precariously on stilts.

Koko: I have returned, Oh Great and Wonderful, Perfect, Without Fault, Beautiful Master Emi-sama!

Emi: *really enjoying it now* Go make me sushi for dinner, humble servant.

Koko: *leaving towards kitchens* Yes, oh great, wonderful master!

Emi: *looks around* Where did Peanut go?!?!?!?

Cloud: *peeps out from behind corner* H-He left.

Emi: WHAT!!!!! WHERE DID HE GO!!!!

Cloud: H-He said h-he was making u-us all mind c-control s-s-suits.

Emi: Great. Where is he?

Cloud: H-He just used m-magic t-to teleport.

Emi: WHAT?!?!? You can teleport?!?!?

Cloud: I d-don’t know… H-He’s the teko… techno g-geek…

Emi: *sigh*

Koko: I am back great, masterful, wonderful god! *gives sushi*

Emi: Thank you. Now go find Peanut.

Koko: *walks out, returns a minute later with Peanut* Here he is!!

Emi: *balks at speed of return*

Peanut: What would you like me to do now, oh great god of fleas?

Emi: *sighs again* I’d like you to actually do this!!!!!

Peanut: OK!! I’LL DO IT!!!! But not for a few years.

The end. . . ?

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