River Introduction Dialogue (Black-and-White)

It’s a nice, orderly day in the Studio.  River is working on a picture in Photoshop.

River:  *looking up from laptop* Hi!  Welcome to C-Cubed!  I’d love to chat, but you’ll have to excuse me for a second.  Oh, and if you see Purin, let me know, okay?  There’s something I want to discuss with her. . . .

Cloud: *tackles with a hug* Riiiivvveeerrr!

River: *gasps for breath* C-cloud? What was that for?

Cloud: *sobs* Emi-kun’s trying to–

Purin runs by.

River:  Excuse me a second, Cloud.  PURIN!   What do you think you’re doing?

Purin: Running from Kuro-ponpon!  She’s mad at me again. XD

River: Why is she mad. . . ? 

Cloud: She’s mad because–

Purin:  Here comes Kuro-daisy!  See ya~!

She runs off.  Emi runs up, her hair–and her horns–bright pink.


River: I think I know why now. . . .

Emi runs off.


River: Yeah, well, I’m going to kill her, too, since she didn’t post yet. >-<

Koko: Wow, Purin’s in trouble again.

Cloud and River jump.

River: Koko?!  What are you doing under the table?!

Koko: Looking for my invisible pink puffly.  Have you seen her?

Cloud: Isn’t the point of an invisible puffly. . . you know. . . invisible?

Koko: Yep.  Have you seen her?

River: Um. . . no.  Good luck finding her. *disentangles herself from Cloud*  ‘Scuse me, I have to go beat up a wolf and a ram. . . .

Cloud:  Nooo!  Don’t do it, River!  I’ll post instead~!

As River leaves, with Cloud still clinging to her, Purin sneaks down the back staircase, wearing a suit.

Purin: Will Kuro-puu and I escape?  Will River every convice anyone to post?  And will I ever get out of this suit?  Tune in next week for more more adventures on Chibi Chronicles!

Koko:  . . .  Why are you wearing a suit?

Purin: *facepalm*

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