The War Between River and Koko, Part 1: Pianos and Flying Saucers (Black-and-White)


Hi everyone!  A few months ago, Koko sent me a link to a cute video.  I said something, and she responded, and it quickly and unexpectedly turned into a full-blown, several-day war!

Today, I’m posting the first part for you to read.  It’s a little strange in parts, but we hope you enjoy it!


Koko:  Hey, River!  Come watch this video!

River: MY GOSH, his hands are moving sooo fast~!

Koko grins evilly.

Koko: I told Peanut to learn it by heart and play it for us at the next talent show.

River: So he’s willing to do it?  Cool!

Koko: I dunno if he’s willing to do it exactly… it’ll be worth it to see him fail. >:D

River: GAH!  Evil Koko resurfaces!

Koko: Yes, evil Koko is back!

River: Oh noes!  Run for cover! *hides in flying saucer*

Koko: Too bad the flying saucer is being fixed cause i spilled juice on it!

River: Try to destroy my flying saucer, do you?! *does a super-amazing-fast fix job* Haha!

She flies away.

Koko: You forgot about the electric wire in there. . .*yanks wire, pulling River back* Mwahahahahahaaa! *locks River in closet*

River sighs and unlocks the closet.

River: You forgot that it’s my magic Studio, Koko.  And. . . my master key!  Muahaha!  I will never be locked in a closet again.

She grabs Peach.

River: Now, if you don’t behave, you shall not see your puffly again!  Hahaha!

Koko: That’s just a fake Peach. The real Peach is with Cloud baking cookies.  Plus, that’s the evil closet I invented that can only be opened with the secret password. Muahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa!

River: Nonsense.  You’re just bluffing!  How do I know that you’re bluffing?  Because Cloud isn’t baking cookies!  She’s playing Uno with Emi-kun!

River takes magic pen that can turn into anything.  The pen turns into magic shovel that can dig through anything, which she uses to dig an indestructible tunnel out of the evil closet.  She then grabs Peach and sneaks into Peanut’s room, and uses one of Peanut’s inventions to completely OBLITERATE the evil closet.

River: Haha, there!  She’ll never be able to lock someone in that evil closet again, will she, Peach?

Peach gurgles.

River runs off to barricade herself in Cloud’s magic enormous closet.

River: Let’s see, I know I left it in here somewhere. . . .

Koko: AH, but you forgot about the snare over my door. *drops net over you* Hahahahahaaa, got you!

What’s going to happen next?  Will Koko’s trap spell defeat for River?  Find out next Monday, in the next installment of The War Between River and Koko!

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