The War Between River and Koko, Part 3: Back Doors and Distorted Space (Black-and-White)

Hello again!  Welcome to the third and final part of The War Between River and Koko!  Who will win?  Read on and find out!

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River: Ahem. Computer: Activate code WZC-700-oo4.

*computer beeps obligingly*

Peanut: What are you doing?!?

River: Activating a back door that I snuck into your computer ages ago. Now be quiet.

Peanut: Back door?! You can’t do that!

River: Quiet! *distorts space around Peanut and Koko so that they can’t speak* Computer, activate the self-destruct sequence in Peanut’s room.

Peanut struggles in horror.  River releases Peanut from the distorted space.

River: You can try to stop it, if you want. You have. . . four minutes, forty-three seconds. Next time I won’t be so nice.

Peanut runs off.

River: Now that that’s taken care of. . . . Storm!! Get in here! *Storm appears* Watch Koko for me, okay? I have something I need to do.

Koko: *squeaks* I surrender, River!

River immediately turns back into the nice River.

River: Okay, thanks! Now, just promise that you will never, never do it again! Then I’ll release you from the distorted space. ❤

Koko: Can’t…move…lips…good…help…me…!

River: Oh no, I forgot that you can’t speak in the distorted space. . . ! Here!

She picks up the Mysterious Item and releases Koko.

River: Well, then, good night, Koko-chan! I need to put this away, so if you’ll excuse me. . . .

Koko: *hurries over to pull the plug on Peanut’s self-destruct device* sowwy wivew!

River: *smiles* My, Koko-chan, what a good friend you are. You were just in time, too! Good job!

Koko: *smiles evilly and speaks to herself* Now that I am finally free, you can’t stop me!

To be continued. . . ?

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