Why Is JJ So Random? (Black-and-White)

Hi, everyone! A lot of you are probably wondering why JJ is so random. So, today I’m going to ask her!


Cloud: Hi, JJ!

JJ: Pickles.

Cloud: E-eh? Uh. . . . Well, anyway. . . I was wondering, why are you so random?

JJ: Turtles!

Cloud: W-w-w-what? Ah, I don’t know what to do. . .

JJ: I like waffles.

Cloud: !!! I-I-I-I. . . . E-eh?! Oh, dear. . . . RIIIIIVVVVVEEEEEERRRRRRR!!!

JJ: Meow.

River runs in.

River: What is it, Cloud?!

Cloud whispers in River’s ear.

River: *calms down* You didn’t know what to do, so you called me?

Cloud: *nod nod nod.*

River: Right. Don’t worry, Cloud, I’ll finish this for you.

Cloud: *hugs* Thank you, River!

River: *gasps* A-a-a-air!

Koko: Hey, Cloud? I think that Peach is burning the cookies. . .

Cloud: Eh? Oh noes! *runs to the kitchen*

River: Right. Well, JJ, why are you so random?

JJ: Random? I’m not random at all.

River: What? But what about the Ten Under Ten the other day? You were pretty random then.

JJ: What Tun Ender Tun?

River: . . . It’s ‘Ten Under Ten’. And it’s the one that you crashed when YOU SUDDENLY APPEARED IN OUR STUDIO!!!

JJ: *blinks* I don’t know what you’re talking about.

River: . . .

Cloud: Hey, everyone! I saved the cookies!

JJ: COOKIES!!!! *runs to the kitchen*

River: . . . JJ. . .


So, why is JJ so random? The world may never know. . .

. . .The End?

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