What does C-Cubed stand for?

It stands for Cyber Creations Club.

How many members do you have?

Currently, we have seven.  (Pocket and Rabbit, sadly, no longer count.)  Check out the Member List to learn more about them.

Why are there so many names for the same person?  Purin and Fai, River and Yuko, Emi and Kurogane, Cloud and Storm. . . . I’m confused!

You may notice that most of the members’ nicknames come from CLAMP’s awesome manga Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle, which is the favorite manga of some of C-Cubed’s members.  See, our personalities are somewhat similar to the characters in Tsubasa, and our nicknames evolved from there.

The exception is Cloud.  Even though she has a Tsubasa-related nickname (Mokona), her alternate name refers to a more close-to-home personality trait.  (Sorry, everyone, you’ll have to wait for the comic to come out to know what we mean.)

 So you have stockholders? or, Who are the higher ups?

Well, there isn’t actually any C-Cubed stock, so technically we can’t have stockholders.  Our “stockholders” and “higher ups” are the lovely, lovely people who have invested their time and money towards helping to make C-Cubed as wonderful as it is.  Besides their unconditional support, they have also provided all the equipment and some of the programs that we use.  Thank you, higher ups!

What’s a dialogue? or, What’s an introduction dialogue?

A dialogue is a mini side story in the form of two or more members talking.  Occasionally, events in real life inspire a dialogue.  Some dialogues may eventually make it into Chibi Chronicles, too!

Likewise, an introduction dialogue is a mini side story that introduces the character.  Each member writes their own introduction dialogue, so each story provides a bit of insight into the author’s personality.  For example, Cloud apparently dreams about chocolate and giant teddy bears, Emi likes the color aquamarine because of Alice in Wonderland, and Koko has an invisible puffly name Peach.  See what we mean?

Why are Purin and EmiMayu so mean to each other?

River:  Good question!  Let’s ask them!  So, why do you guys fight so much?

Emi: The stupid mage started it.

Purin: She’s just so fun to tease. Right, Kuro-fluffy? :3


Purin: Okay, Kuro-daisy!

Emi: That’s worse! 

Purin:  There you go!  Readers, don’t forget to call her Kuro-puu and Kuro-daisy and Kuro-fluffy and Kuro-doggy and. . . .


 If you have any questions, feel free to ask!  We’ll do our best to answer! 


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