So far we have worked on six projects. Click the links to learn more about them:

Project One: Gameland

A game we plan to make with Scratch.  Michi, a normal teenage gamer, is sucked into a strange world based on classic video games!  Will Michi find a way out?  Or will he be trapped in Gameland forever. . . ?

Status: Halted

Project Two: C-Cubed Film 2011

We heard about a local film festival and decided to make this cute little commercial for our club.  Check it out!

Status: Complete

Project Three: Spider Hitler

When Hit-chan’s best friend shows her a gross video about spiders, Hit-chan decides to take a stand against these insidious little arachnids and so becomes. . . Spider Hitler!

Status: Halted

Project Four: Look Who Owns the Night

A stop-action animation which we entered into the Collaborative Summer Library Project’s Teen Video Challenge.  When the library closes and everyone is gone for the night, the stuffed animals come out to play. . . er, read.

Status: Complete

Project Six: Ten Under Ten

In this project that we did continuously for seven weeks, the Cyber Creations Club members reviewed ten things each week in under ten words each.  What things?  Books and movies, obviously, but also anything and everything from manga to cheese; the theme changed each week.  While we are no longer doing reviews, you can read previous weeks here.

Status: Complete


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