Project Six: Ten Under Ten

Each week, we review ten things in under ten words each!  What things?  Well, standard things like books and movies are typically featured, but you never know. . . anything from video games to Utauloids may appear.

Like the Chibi Chronicles Dialogues, Ten Under Ten is originally published with colored text.  However, we also provide a black-and white version.  Enjoy!

Week 1: Fantasy Novels

This week, everyone gets in on the action with a book list including The City of Ember, The Lightning Thief, and the ever-popular Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  Not a bad start for our first week!

Koko: THE CHESHIRE CAT! That is all.

Week 2: Star Wars and Beyond

Starting off with the original Star Wars trilogy, we review ten great (and some not-so-great) movies this week.

Cloud:  Cloud City!  Get it?

Week 3: Manga Favorites

This week, even Peanut contributed a book!


Week 4: The World of Studio Ghibli

This week, we review (read: celebrate) ten of our favorite Studio Ghibli films.  And what’s that I hear about a bonus. . . ?

River: Mm.  Bacon.

Week 5: Sandwich Fillings

This week’s Ten Under Ten stars some unusual subject matter: Sandwich Fillings!  Also, a new member makes a rather dramatic–and random–entrance!

JJ: Meow.

Week 6: Anime Favorites

Cloud, Purin, and River review ten anime series!

River: Yes, CLAMP has three anime on this list.  Is that a problem?  Didn’t think so.

Week 7: A Crowd of Vocaloids, Part 1

With so many Vocaloids to choose from, how can anyone choose a favorite?  This week stars ten Vocaloid 2’s!

Purin: I added some references too! See if you can find them (they’re pretty obvious xDDD)

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