Ten Under Ten, Week 7: A Crowd of Vocaloids, Part 1 (Black-and-White)

Today’s Ten Under Ten has an interesting start.  See, we like Vocaloid.  So as we were talking about Vocaloid today, it ended up devolving into a debate (read: slight argument) over who the best Vocaloid is.  While we’ve taken most of the argument out for the post (and argument is hard to do in under ten words each!), we’ve still made remarks over which Vocaloid is the best.  Enjoy!

Purin: I added some references too! See if you can find them (they’re pretty obvious xDDD)

Sweet Ann

Purin: I think I’ve heard her once… 0.o

River: I do not like her design.  Voice is fine, though.

Cloud: . . . Who?

Big Al

Purin: I listened to him in Teddy Bear with Rin~

River: Why Frankenstein?

Cloud: . . . Teddy Bear with Rin? It sounds adorable! (<–Has no idea who he is)


Purin: …???

River: I love it when Tonio sings opera~

Cloud: . . . 😦 I don’t know him either. . .


Purin: Prima-san~!

River: Maybe I’ll make her sing Phantom with Tonio.

Cloud: . . . ??? Another Vocaloid I don’t know. . . TT_TT

Hatsune Miku

Purin: ♪The number one Princess in the whole world♪

River: Blue-haired characters for the win!

Cloud: She’s got a pretty voice. :3

Kagamine Rin


River: I can’t wait for her V3 voicebank to come out!

Cloud: Rin-chan! Why do they make you sing such sad songs. . . ? *sob sob*

Kagamine Len

Purin: …Shota xDDD

River: Same as Rin!

Cloud: Len has a good voice. (He sings sad songs too. . . *cries*)

Megurine Luka


River: Meh.  Don’t understand why Purin likes her so much.

Cloud: Tee-hee! She has pink hair, just like me!


Purin: Go Google it!

River:  Don’t really care about him either.

Cloud: . . . Poor Gakupo. . . He looks a bit like a girl. . .


Purin: I want Gumi’s goggles =3=

River: Her name reminds me of gummi bears.

Cloud: . . . Why all these characters that I don’t know?!?!?!?!

Want to read it in black-and-white?  Click here!


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